dyson launches pure cool link air purifier, a fan that cleans the air in people’s houses - electric air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-03
dyson launches pure cool link air purifier, a fan that cleans the air in people’s houses  -  electric air purifier
Dyson has introduced a new air purification fan, a pure cold link that absorbs the air around the house and sends it back without contaminants.
The company said the new fan was designed to solve the problem of indoor air pollution.
Although outdoor air has received constant attention from the authorities, indoor air pollution may be five times that of indoor air pollution, and various things found in the air may cause a series of health problems.
But the new fan is also Dyson's first foray into the connected British family.
Its 360-eye robotic vacuum is also connected to the Internet, but has not yet been released outside Asia.
New fans can connect to the Internet via Wi-
Fi, which allows people to control it remotely, but can also check how efficiently it works, and how polluted the air in their homes is at any given moment or over time.
These contaminants may come from cleaning products, molds, fibers or animals, and the company says all of them will be filtered out through the new Pure Cool Link.
Although air purifiers are popular in Asia, they are rarely used in Europe or the United States --
But Dyson hopes that strengthening education on a large number of pollutants in the home will also help promote its new cleaning fan.
People know little about the impact and extent of indoor pollution, and the study of indoor pollution is far less common than the study of outdoor pollution.
But the report shows that unclean houses can lead to premature death and cause respiratory diseases and problems in the short term.
The fan works the same as the other fans in Dyson-
Create air circulation without using the blade, but send it through a special blade-
Created the Oval.
But when it absorbs the air, it passes through a special-
HEPA filters have been manufactured to remove all small contaminants up to 0.
Size is 1 micron.
The company's new fan tower version costs £ 450 and the desk version costs £ 350.
It has a replaceable filter inside for £ 50 and is expected to last around a year
Life can be monitored using the Dyson Link app.
The app will eventually be used to control any Internet in Dyson
Connected devices, which will also be included when cleaning robots are released in the UK during the summer.
People can also use it to schedule activities, which means that the fan can be ready to clean up when Historical data shows that it may be most available.
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