dyson is working on an air purifier that's also headphones - electric air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-03
dyson is working on an air purifier that\'s also headphones  -  electric air purifier
Dyson is considering developing a wearable air purifier that doubles as a headset and wants to take advantage of the need for pollution --
People familiar with the project say cities in Asia are choking. The U. K.
According to the documents submitted to the United States, the company filed a patent for "wearable air purifier" this yearK.
Intellectual Property Office
The device is mainly an air purifier, but may add headset functionality, the two said.
They asked not to be named because the project was private. Floor-
Vertical air purifiers are a big business in Asia.
There are even several versions that can be worn around the neck, and there are a limited number listed on Amazon. com.
Dyson Limited is known for vacuum cleaners and clothes dryers
Has been expanding its increasingly popular floors.
Vertical Air Washer.
On November, it released the latest version: purification fanheater.
But for Dyson, the headphone market will be a leap forward, and it will compete with Apple.
AirPods and beats and high quality
Terminal products from companies such as Bose and Sennheiser.
"Dyson has never commented on technologies that we may or may not develop," a company spokesperson said in an email . ".
Dyson has filed a large number of patents for products that may never be able to be mass-produced.
In 2009, it applied for a hydraulic food juicer that had not yet appeared as a final product.
However, the potential to market wearable purifiers to consumers in smog --
The main driver of the project may be cities all over China.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has declared pollution one of the government's three most pressing issues.
Asia has played an important role in Dyson's recent rapid growth: Revenue rose 40% to 3.
5 billion ($4. 6 billion)
In 2017, it almost doubled in two years.
There are nearly three in Asia.
In several quarters of Dyson's revenue growth, Shanghai
City purifiers for sale. The U. K.
Technology companies are continuing a 2-billion-
The pound plans to start making electric cars.
The company is busy converting its former airport into a car.
And announced plans to set up a car factory in Singapore in October.
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