dutch unveil giant vacuum to clean outside air - carbon air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-17
dutch unveil giant vacuum to clean outside air  -  carbon air purifier
Dutch inventors announced the world's first giant outside the field of air vacuum cleaning technology --
Up Envinity Group shows posing next to the system created by van Wees to filter fine and ultra-fine particles in ambient air.
Image source: the inventor of AFPDUTCH has introduced what they call the world's first external air vacuum cleaner --
A large purification system designed to filter out toxic tiny particles from the atmosphere around the machine.
"This is a large industrial filter about 8 m long, made of steel. . .
Basically placed on the top of the building, it works like a large vacuum cleaner, "said Henk Boersen, a spokesman for the Envinity Group, which announced the system in Amsterdam.
It is said that the system can breathe air from a radius of 300.
More than 7 km.
The company says it can process about 800,000 m³ of air per hour, filter out 100 of fine particles and 95 of fine particles, referring to tests conducted by the Dutch Energy Research Center (ECN)
On its prototype
"A large column of air will go through the filter and come out clear," Bossen told AFP in a large gap between the two.
Energy Conference on the Amsterdam sea.
According to the European Environment Agency, fine particles are caused by emissions from burning wood and other fuels, as well as industrial combustion, and have "adverse effects" on health ".
About EU residents are exposed to the particles.
Can cause cancer-
More than recommended by the World Health Organization.
At the same time, China's smog is severe, and many major cities are shrouded in pollutants throughout the year.
China is dealing with serious air pollution. Frederic J.
Bronsource: According to Envinity, the AFPAs of the super particles are released through the emissions of vehicles and aircraft, which can "damage the nervous system, including brain cells, and can also cause infection.
"The government, businesses and airports are already interested in this project," said Bossen. Another air-
The purification system, known as the "smog-free Tower", was installed in Beijing last month and launched by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde.
Use of patented ozone
Free ion technology, when it blows out of the tower, can clean up 30,000 m³ of the air every hour and collect more than harmful particles, Studio Roosegaarde said in a statement. The smoke-
In September 2016, Dutch artist Juan rosgard built a free tower air purifier in Beijing.
Source: a similar project by suplieda in Canada is supported by Bill Gates, which attempts to help fight global warming by inhaling carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and converting gas into fuel.
The working principle of the plant is to vacuum a large amount of air through an effective cooling tower, where CO2 is absorbed by a liquid solution and then converted into calcium carbonate particles.
The particles are then heated to 900 degrees to release pure carbon.
Given that it is unlikely that world leaders will implement a global plan to reverse the trend of global warming and air pollution, it is likely that innovative solutions will be needed to address the increasingly pressing issues. Tech start-
The Up Envinity Group presents a system created by one of the Group's management partners to filter fine and ultra-fine particles from ambient air.
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