dow futures steady;saudi tensions, trade concerns keep global investors cautious - home appliance manufacturer

by:Yovog     2019-08-25
dow futures steady;saudi tensions, trade concerns keep global investors cautious  -  home appliance manufacturer
Global markets weakened on Monday as investors took a cautious stance on the stock market and tensions escalated between Washington and Riyadh after a prominent Saudi journalist died in Turkey last month, and trade between the two countries. S.
And its key economic partners.
The disappearance last month, after visiting a theater in the Turkish capital Islamabad on September 28, sparked an international murder investigation and a strong reaction from the White House, president Donald Trump has threatened the Saudi government with "serious" consequences.
Riyadh's shares were hit hard on Monday, with the benchmark price index falling more than three.
5% on Sunday, markets around the world triggered a chain reaction of concern, with Brent crude prices rising after last week's sell-off
Leave in the turmoil on Wall Street. U. S.
Stock futures on Monday showed a weak Wall Street opening, with contracts linked to the Dow Jones industrial average showing a drop of 60 points and contracts that liked the broader S & P 500 index showing a drop of 6 points.
Among the downside risks of the monthly score --off' sentiment.
Nasdaq composite futures fell 27 points.
Asian markets are also upset by tensions and comments made by the US government over the weekend. S.
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said at the annual meeting of the International Monetary Fund in Bali that his department wants to use language to prevent current manipulation of any new US currencyS. trade deals.
The comments hit the Japanese market. Japan is currently negotiating a new deal with the United States.
The Nikkei index fell by 1.
87% off at22, 271.
30 points, while the wider MSCI before Asia
The Japanese index is 1.
The last hours of the deal fell 1%.
European stocks were also weak at the opening, with the STOXX 600 index down more than 22
Mid-month low
Frankfurt fell to about 0 before early trading.
05% when investors wait for Italy's 2019 budget to be formally submitted to the European Commission and the continued uncertainty of Brexit negotiations, after a weekend on the 11 th
An hour before the EU summit on Wednesday, talks are expected to reach at least some conclusions on Britain's future relations with the EU. Electrolux AB (ELUXY)
Was a notable early promoter, after Sears Holdings filed for bankruptcy, the home appliance maker's stock fell 2% in the Swedish capital, Stockholm (SHLD)
Late Sunday in the United States
Electrolux said that about 10% of the company's annual revenue from major electrical sectors in North America was obtained through cooperation with Sears, but he noted that, since the retailer's financial problems became apparent earlier this year, the company has been working on contingency plans.
Oil prices resumed rising after last week's sell-off
Amid tensions in Riyadh and the coming United StatesS.
Sanctions on Iranian crude sales will come into effect within two weeks.
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