don't spend money on an air purifier you may not need - air purifier for smoke

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don\'t spend money on an air purifier you may not need  -  air purifier for smoke
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Indoor air can be two to five times as much as outdoor air, so in winter, when the cold weather makes us stay indoors with our windows closed, it makes sense to have a surge of interest in air purifiers.
But in the hot weather, it is very likely that we will be turned off because of the start of the air conditioner.
According to Gfk, a market research firm, more and more consumers are turning to air purifiers to purify the air.
However, you may not need allergies unless you are allergic, and EPA does not recognize the manufacturer's claim that using an air purifier can lead to healthier indoor air.
Norman EdelmanD.
Professor of prevention and internal medicine at Stony Brook University in New York, agrees that keeping indoor air clean is the best strategy, but adds that it is difficult to exclude all allergens and particulate matter from the outside.
He said: "The data of the air purifier is not clear . "
"If used properly, they can reduce allergic symptoms moderately.
"Air purifiers are not cheap and can be expensive to operate as they usually move around --the-clock (See below).
They also have limitations in their main work.
For example, the air purifier can only remove particles from the air, not dust and pet dandruff that have been deposited on the carpet.
Dave Trezza says you need a good vacuum environment for this and he has tested both appliances for Consumer Reports.
Finally, our test found that the air purifier can be noisy, especially at higher speeds, and it may keep you awake if you use the air purifier in your bedroom.
Still, if you are sure you need an air purifier, there are ways to reduce your expenses and get air that is capable
Clean performance.
First, buy an Energy Star model, which has increased its energy by 40%.
More efficient than the standard model, $30 per year.
Then check the effect of the air purifier in our test to remove smoke, pollen and dust at high and low speeds (
Noise is important).
Blueair Blue Pure $211,250 is our best performance.
It is very good at removing fine clay dust and cigarette smoke from the air in low and high settings.
Models with good dust scores are also good at removing pollen, which is roughly the same size.
However, in our test, the blue air is quite noisy at a height (
A little less, it's low). That’s typical.
"We recommend buying a larger air purifier and running at a slower speed for the best and quietest results," Trezza said . ".
Like the other four air purifiers recommended by CR, Blueair is suitable for 350 to 650 square feet of space
A fairly large room.
We calculated the cost of running each model for one year and five years.
The energy cost per year is based on running the unit 24 hours a day.
Filter cost based on manufacturer's replacement proposal-
Carbon filters are usually once or twice a year, four times a year.
Here are the operating costs of our five top models.
If you are using an air purifier, we would like to clear the AirEven and it is worth taking a few simple steps to keep the indoor air stimulation to a minimum: More from Consumer Reports: the best tire price for 2016 best used cars is $25,000 and the best mattress price for less7 is $©2006-
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