Don't Miss Out on YOUR Rebate Money - home appliance manufacturer

by:Yovog     2019-08-18
Don\'t Miss Out on YOUR Rebate Money  -  home appliance manufacturer
You will never invite a salesperson from a local e-store or home appliance store into your wallet and get some money yourself.
But when you don't ask for a refund, that's actually what you're doing.
According to Consumer Reports, 40% of consumers do not charge rebates.
Why are so many people willing to pass on their savings to manufacturers?
Sometimes they forget to apply.
But it's so hard for a lot of people to parse fine prints that they don't include the necessary documentation or miss the deadline.
Here is the consumer report v.
Step Plan for receiving rebate: 1)
Understand the terms and conditions before purchasing, make sure you know exactly what the collection needs to do, and make a note of the deadline.
If you have any questions, please call the store for clarification. 2)
Collect materials before throwing away the packaging and collect the following: original receipt, serial number, UPC code, top of the box and any stickers or labels.
The company may ask you to provide some or all of these as proof of purchase. 3)
After carefully filling out the rebate application and repeating it, please keep the record
Check if you include all the necessary materials and copy all the materials.
Save the copy in the folder along with the record when sending the request. 4)
If you are entitled to an online rebate, please apply online immediately.
If you wait too long, the necessary forms may be removed from the website. 5)
Apply for a rebate in advance before the due date to make sure you have enough time to send additional documents if needed. The final step? Be patient.
It may take 12 weeks to get the check.
If you think your rebate is late or you have a complaint, please contact the attorney general of your state or the FTC to file a complaint. Copyright (c)
2007 Market Watch
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