does the air fryer deliver on its golden promise? - home appliance manufacturer

by:Yovog     2019-08-19
does the air fryer deliver on its golden promise?  -  home appliance manufacturer
The Golden Promise of the Air Fryer is too tempting to ignore.
Brown crispy fries, rough chicken wings coated with hot sauce, breadcrumbs squid, It creaks when you bite down --
All without the greasy mess, the smell and the deep caloriesfrying.
The chefs not only celebrate the imitation of the appliance
The ability to fry, but also because it can cook a small amount of food (
Potato Corner, broccoli, chicken)
Much faster than their regular oven.
Is the air fryer really the best kitchen innovation since my beloved electric pressure cooker? Or is it great, not true?
After extensive testing, colleagues at Wirecutter, the New York Times Company's product review site, criticized the device for being overhyped and overpriced.
Kitchn, a home-
The light of cooking magazine reported uneven results, but the cooking website strongly agreed with the assessment.
The only way I find out if an air fryer is worth my precious counter space is to try it in person.
The Air Fryer is basically a reduced countertop convection oven.
Some models are smaller, eggs.
Shape, similar footprint to coffee machine.
Other large toaster ovens, rich in functionality-
Baking, convection baking, baking, dehydration,-
Fried in addition to air. [
Read Melissa Clark's tips on using an air fryer. ]
Like a convection oven, each model is equipped with a high
Fast fans cycle hot air around your food.
But the air fryer blows the air more powerfully and hotter than the conventional convection, trying to mimic the depth-
Fry with teaspoon oil instead of a cup.
It might be true if it sounds too good.
Air Fryer is one of the fastest
Since its launch in Europe in 2010, there have been more and more items in the category of small household appliances.
According to Joe drochoski
Industry consultants at market research firm NPD Group said nearly 10 million air fryer were sold in the United States from May 2017March 2019.
He likened their growth to the growth of multi-body animals like Instant Pots, of which about 13 million were sold during the same period.
Growth has accelerated over the past 12 months: Air Fryer sales rose 69% in 2018 from a year earlier.
These numbers only occupy the station-
Separate Air Fryer instead of a countertop convection oven with air
Fried features like Breville Smart Oven and Cuisinart AirFryer toaster oven.
For my own test, I chose a small one (2. 75-quart)free-
The standing model recommended by Philips, the model recommended by Wirecutter, does not require counter space as valuable as other models.
Then I set some parameters.
I want to be sure that this machine does the best, not everything it can do, so I removed the entire category of baked recipes.
I also skipped frozen-ready products such as chips, breadsticks and chicken nuggets: because I was testing the machine to guarantee a spot on my counter, I insisted on the food I wanted to eat.
However, this certainly includes chips made from fresh potatoes.
I 'd be happy to eat an extra plate.
My dinner was crispy, dark brown fries and a salad. Deep-
However, it is particularly confusing to oil French fries in a standard way, because for maximum crispness you need to fry at least twice.
After using different techniques to fry air in nearly a dozen batches, I found that cooking them in stages at two different temperatures (
350 degrees, then 400)
Produced a solid
Minus a batch of chips: not as deep-
But better than my oven.
Grilled fries, when the desire comes, it's easy enough to eat a Tuesday at home.
Next, I turned to chicken wings and turned to Ben mimes's recipe "fried with air every day" (
Clarkson Potter, 2018)for guidance.
Use him from J. Kenji López-
Mr. Alt of serious diet
Before frying in the air, Mims covered the chicken skin with baking powder.
He explained that the baking powder expands at high temperatures, causing the skin to bubble and become very brittle.
It works very well and produces super
Crispy golden wings moistened the sweet butter sauce I made.
I also made the same wings in my normal oven with a convection device and they were almost as Crisp
It takes longer for them, but the skin.
Both versions are not as deep as the regular ones.
Fried wings, but they are very close enough to be eaten in a few minutes.
"People think they can replace their fried food with air fryer and get the healthier fat food they like," he said . " He refers to the deep frying pan on the table. “But air-
Fried chicken will never be as good as oil-fried. ”Agreed. The Southern-
The fried chicken leg I made in the air fryer was some of my worst experiments --
The burnt, wet and transparent rubber.
A little more successful, but still not worth eating are bread shrimp and squid, doughnuts and jalapeno, all of which are not cooked evenly and do not reach satisfactory brown and crispy.
The pizza is also like bust. So I asked Mr.
Besides chicken wings and chips, what is the best thing I can do in the air fryer? “Vegetables!
He said it even before I finished answering the question.
"Especially wet.
He continued: "Air Fryer fans take away excess moisture and almost dehydrate food, so for well-known wet vegetables such as zucchini, eggplant and okra,
"The pieces become dry, crunchy outside and soft inside.
"I tried his suggestion and fried the vegetables with a little oil and air until the vegetables were polished, sparkled, and softened --crisp.
They are a little better than I run them under my broiler, much easier and less messy than frying.
Brussels bean sprouts and eggplants are particularly notable because they can retain the most oil by absorbing the oil, just like eggplants, or are trapped in layers of buildings sprouting in Brussels
These extra oils make the vegetables very crisp. (
Along with other vegetables, the power of the fan causes the oil to slide immediately. )
The Air Fryer also does a great job of cooking a small amount of food, such as a few slices of salmon or skin
On boneless chicken legs, it looks and tastes like you baked it, but gets there faster and more evenly than my regular oven.
This is partly due to the hot air generated by convection, partly because the small chamber of the machine does not require much preheating (if any ).
For many families, this speed is more important than being able to cook your favorite food with less fat.
"People came to the air fryer and thought they would make fried chicken, chicken wings and chips all the time, but eventually they would use them more for the weekend dinner, dean Brindle, De'Longhi NA's vice president of category strategy and product development, said --
Italian-based appliance manufacturers released the Air Fryer version in 2015.
He said: "What consumers want has changed, and there is a slow-moving --
Recipes for cooking utensils, sheets
Now, for speed and convenience, these people are turning to the air fryer.
"Once they have learned how to use these machines, he continues, they are trying different flavors and ingredients to look beyond the variety of American comfort foods that are usually associated with the device.
Urvashi Pitre, also known as Lady butter chicken, wrote recipes for both the Instant Pot and the nearest Air Fryer (
"There are light air fryer every day," Horton Mifflin Harcourt, 2018).
She likes her crispy air fryer.
Beef kebabs, lamb kebabs, and grilled chicken.
"When I published the book, I was a little worried because it was not just a mainstream American recipe, but it did a very good job," she said . " Added, "between the Instant Pot and the Air Fryer, I haven't opened my full pot yet
The size of the oven a few years later.
Regarding the Air Fryer, I realized that "frying" is the worst thing.
If you buy a small, fast table top oven in the market, you may be happy.
But I already have a big oven and I don't mind using it every day.
While the Brussels sprouts and eggplants in the air fryer are great, the results of my broiler are very backward.
But what's worse is all the air.
Fried food will only make me yearn for the real fried food, instead of scratching it, it will increase the itch.
I was a little sad and gave my air fryer to a friend who used it to make meatballs and sweet potatoes for heryear-old.
I'm glad my countertop is back, which leaves me plenty of room to wave my sheet pot without knocking on my Instant Pot. Recipes: Air-
French fries | air-
Spicy chicken wings | air-
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