diy replacement air filters - cheap air purifier

by:Yovog     2020-01-09
diy replacement air filters  -  cheap air purifier
Have a room size air purifier plug?
It's annoying to pay $10. $100 per filter?
We did the same, so we decided that we could save money and get a better filter.
The HEPA filter is made for a clean room and is easily blocked in a home setting.
After reading a lot of research on filters, we came to the conclusion that getting a furnace filter is the best option.
There are many submarines today.
Micron-grade furnace filters, which are lucky for us, are all based on Micron-grade (
Therefore, get the maximum filter level with the highest possible filter level. )
Doing so also seems to create a better air path (
Prevent air from bypassing any cracks in the filter as they are usually designed
The motor will wear out when HEPA is blocked. SAVE MONEY! You'll need:-
Air purifier based on "flat" filter, technically any kind of work I have tried (
They are all Sherlock Holmes brands, but it looks like they will work for others)-
Allergen grade furnace filtration (
All of this is priced based on the size of the particles they filter, not the size.
Get one of the biggest filters you want to use)-Scissors-Duct tape-marker-Tape Measure-
Card boundary :-Gloves (
To prevent your hand from being cut on the grid)
Let's Make a cardboard template (
Not completely necessary, but we think it's the best so you can come up with the best way to cut off your giant filter so you have it in the future and don't need to measure it again
Take your old filter out of the machine and put it on the cardboard.
Track and cut out.
You can do more for each of your filters to make sure you get enough or just use one.
Delete this when you're done.
Here is the filter and its size I know: Holmes G filter (HAPF21)
5x8 "Holmes E filter (
AOR115, AOR118, HAP115)
6 "Fang Holmes" 625 (
Replace multiple filters in a unit with one)(HAP625)11.
Feel free to comment if anyone knows more and I will add them.
Place the template around the stove filter and cut it off.
Don't worry about perfection, because we will record them and it's OK to be close enough.
Mark and cut with marker pen.
Be careful of the sharp electrostatic mesh on the back and do not crush the folds, as this will hinder the surface area of the filter per square inch.
It helps to reduce the fold of the filter and Mark or note which side of it goes down (
For esp of filtrete 1250 as they are similar on both sides)
By putting the filter in, it is usually the installation of the filter under the side of the grid (
Pay attention to the arrow on the side of the original filter)
Wrap around the edge of the filter with tape and push the cover back to the filter unit.
Please note that it may become more difficult to remove the top. . . NOTE (
The figure is 1250 of the grid on both sides, but the wording on the side of the filter is readable-right side up)ENJOY!
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