Designer tricks for the kitchen - small home appliances

by:Yovog     2019-09-06
Designer tricks for the kitchen  -  small home appliances
If a bunch of small appliances mess up your countertop, clean it up and start over, says Lisa Foster, an internal architect who is in charge of the Providence Company's Reconstructure.
Choose your most-
Use tools as a starting point--
Coffee machine, for example--
Put things that don't match in the cabinet.
Adding the tailgate is a great way to beautify the kitchen and you don't have to use the tiles. HGTV.
Com's Valley Nayak recommends vinyl wallpaper--
Cheap, easy to clean--instead.
She likes Wallpaper & Paint in Waltham (
$80 per roll).
Waltham Wallpaper & paint 591 Main Street, Waltham, 781-893-
3732, update old appliances with artificial stainless steel
Steel contact paper.
It is sold by volume at design time-
Interested hardware stores and online (
Search for "stainless steel"
Steel contact paper ").
Try a red or green color scheme in your kitchen.
According to Lisa Foster, they offer satisfying personal and environmental benefits: Red stimulates appetite, and green inhibits appetite.
Her choice of wall paint is the C2 LoVo and Benjamin Moore aura.
Architect Stephen Chung said if you have a kitchenette with a wall between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling, please install a mirror along the wall.
The ceiling looks like an infinite extension, making the space feel more spacious, he said.
He recommended Wallex Glass in Arlington (
If you have already installed, $11 per square foot, $5 per square foot if you install it yourself).
Wokes glass, 1476, Arlington, 781-Massachusetts Avenue648-
North Quincy designer Melinda cabanera says 7600, because the cabinets are usually a color, step on it and use the pattern modular tiles of Flor to add to your kitchen
Round furniture carries tiles locally and you can find a bigger choice on Flor's corporate website ().
Circular furniture, 425 Avenue, Acton, 978-263-
7268 and other locations;
Lisa Foster of Providence says the easiest way to master updating old cabinets is to install new handles or knobs and she loves cheap and fun stainless steel
Ikea steel finish proof handle.
Always looking for solid or single
"A building," she suggested.
"The handle consisting of multiple components can be screwed down or broken over time.
Taniya Nayak said: "If your wooden cabinet is old and outdated, start a real, very fresh job.
The trick to a good result is to thoroughly clean and lightly polish the surface before applying Kilz to remove any oil or dirt, the primer she recommends.
Then paint the cabinet and frame with semi-gloss or satinfinish paint.
In the kitchen, she says, she uses black or antique white Benjamin Moore.
Molly Frey, a Marblehead residential designer, suggested that it be possible to display glasses, dishes, or containers on open shelves.
Similar to the wooden shelving bracket here is easy to make, she said, or there are a variety of ready-made brackets to choose frommade brackets (
$50 per rack)
Visit Lynn Wood
Lynnwood, 180 Business Street, Lynn, 781-592-
0400, Stephanie Rossi, interior designer for Spazio Rosso in Foxborough, recommends using Benjamin Moore blackboard paint to write things for the playful tailgate and even the whole wall.
She used paint to create an area in a client's home for the grocery list.
"Green and White are always fresh color palettes," says Sarah Desmond, interior designer at Sudbury Jordy trail design, so by putting fruit or other produce in a beautiful bowl, "decorate" with items in the refrigerator ".
Correction: Due to an editorial error, the business location of interior designer Stephanie Rossi was incorrectly identified in Sunday's global magazine report on the skills of each room designer.
Headquartered in Boxboro.
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