delhi air pollution: your air purifier can fight pm2.5, but it may be a part of co2 problem at home | delhi news - times of india - best indoor air purifier

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delhi air pollution: your air purifier can fight pm2.5, but it may be a part of co2 problem at home | delhi news - times of india  -  best indoor air purifier
New Delhi: near-
Outside the doomsday environment, you won't be blamed for thinking it would be better to stay at home or in the office.
You can handle pm2. 5 if you have an air purifier.
To some extent, it can't protect you from high carbon pollution.
In fact, in poorly ventilated buildings, the carbon dioxide content will exceed twice the safety limit.
It affects your attention and can also lead to headaches and nausea, affecting your overall productivity.
A recent study by the Indian Pollution Control Association found that although pm2. 5.
The Purifiers in residential, private and government buildings are fairly well controlled, with carbon dioxide levels far exceeding the safety limit of 1,000 per million.
According to the study, the highest reading was in the company office with an average of 2,000 ppm;
The cinema also has about 1,560 ppm due to poor ventilation.
The study shows that the average carbon dioxide reading in residential sites is about 960 ppm at a minimum.
Another study conducted by IPCA in 20 households in Delhi last year found that CO2 levels began to rise after eleven o'clock P. M. and were close to 2,000 ppm by five o'clock A. M. or even at home.
Early morning and late night are the biggest problem periods.
Due to the closed environment, carbon dioxide levels begin to rise even when the air purifier is turned on.
In the office, the problem is even more serious due to the large number of people under a single roof.
Priyanka kulshtha, head of research and communications at IPCA, said that in a period of time, productivity levels began to decline if you were exposed to high CO2.
Experts say part of the solution lies in good ventilation, especially in offices where windows should be opened on a regular basis.
Indoor plants are recommended for families.
Air purifiers alone are not enough because they only deal with pm2. 5. 5.
Pollutants and gases such as volatile organic compounds
Aerosol and carbon dioxide are still a problem, indoor air
Purifying plants can balance the quality with an air purifier.
Sharma, a professor at the University's medical school, said it was also a good solution to briefly open the window because it allowed the gas to escape.
According to Dr. Sandeep Nayar, director and head of respiratory medicine at BLK Super specialist hospital, after a short period of relatively clean air, pollution levels have deteriorated over the past few weeks.
Dr Nayar said patients complained about the worsening of chronic cough, breathing difficulties and respiratory health problems, such as asthma and chronic pulmonary disease, which were once again rampant.
He added that in many cases, admission treatment is required to stabilize the symptoms.
While serious effects of pollution, such as difficulty breathing or cough, were immediately discovered, the doctor said chronic pollution was not noticed. âx80x9cLong-
Long-term exposure to pollutants such as carbon dioxide can affect the brain and nervous system.
Dr. J. D. Mukherjee, director of neurology at Saket Max Hospital, said this was related to memory loss, dementia and other brain degeneration diseases.
Proper ventilation and growing plants at home and in the office can bring some relief, he said, but for a long time
Long-term measures to deal with urban pollution are necessary.
In terms of outdoor CO2 levels, experts say the process is largely regulated by good green coverage, which is often missing indoors.
For this reason, indoor air quality is usually more serious than outdoor air pollution.
Outside, carbon dioxide is regulated by trees. it is a continuous process.
However, Saha, a former head of the Air Lab at cpcb, said there was no such regulation in the room.
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