delhi air pollution: pollution protection masks not very helpful, says aiims doctor - times of india - cheap air purifier

by:Yovog     2020-01-11
delhi air pollution: pollution protection masks not very helpful, says aiims doctor - times of india  -  cheap air purifier
Every winter, the capital region becomes a gas chamber as air quality drops to a "very poor" level.
Sadly, once the winter season is over, the whole air pollution debate will get stuck and that anger will not come back until next season. The worse part?
With the arrival of the cold season, the level of air pollution will only rise.
It is reported that the air quality dropped sharply after setting off firecrackers at the dusehera celebrations across the country this year.
That is why the Supreme Court temporarily banned the sale of firecrackers near Diwali last year.
Not only firecrackers, but toxic air should also be blamed for the disaster caused by stubble burning by farmers around Delhi.
Indeed, the Delhi government has recently put in place an emergency set of rules to check air pollution levels, including the closure of Badarpur thermal, as it contributes to urban pollution.
While Beijing, which is heavily polluted, has begun to take steps to reverse the pollution clock, Indian authorities seem to have done little to fight for cleaner air.
In an interview with The Times of India, Dr. Karan Madan, assistant professor of lung medicine and sleep disorders at the All-India Medical Institute (AIIMS)
Reveals what exactly needs to be done to solve the toxic air quality in India.
When asked about pre-emptive measures, he said, "important agenda for a long time
The term needs to reduce air pollution emissions from the source, whether it is a vehicle source or a building source.
Staying indoors is not a solution because we all have to go out and do the housework.
Ma Dan stressed that "patients with known respiratory diseases, including asthma, chronic lung obstruction (
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Children are more likely to be affected by the side
Effects of air pollution
"Do not use force when exercising outdoors, and sdr Madan also emphasizes that when the level of air pollution is extremely high, it is strictly recommended that children and those with respiratory diseases avoid force, especially when exercising outdoors.
Is the air purifier effective?
"It must be remembered that the air purifier is only valid when running in a fully enclosed room I. e.
It needs a closed space to work properly.
If you open the air purifier, a window in the room is half open and your air purifier will be completely invalid.
It's not a long time. term solution.
While this may not be an ideal solution for most people, those who develop symptoms due to air pollution every year can consider using an air purifier.
"How to deal with indoor pollution?
"It is important to remember that outdoor pollution levels can sometimes be very close to indoor pollution levels.
If the pollution outside is high, the indoor pollution will be high most of the time.
Therefore, it is very difficult to prevent yourself from being exposed to air pollution.
In fact, those with asthma may even show symptoms of steam when cooking oily dishes.
Surprisingly, burning biomass
Wood and cow dung)
Indoor pollution is one of the most common causes, and it leads to an incredibly high level of air pollution.
"What is the effect of pollution protection masks?
"The mask will only work if it is fully sealed.
If there is even a slight leak on the mask, there is absolutely no way to tell if you are breathing clean air. Also, the high-
Efficiency particle mask if you wear it while jogging or doing strenuous exercise, it will put a lot of pressure on your breathing.
So, they're obviously not very long.
Terminology solutions because it is almost impossible to wear them all the time.
So while these masks look perfect in theory, there is no way to tell how effective they are in actual use, "said Dr. Madan.
Is Delhi officially not suitable for living?
Dr. Madan expressed concern about the serious air pollution in the capital, "Delhi's level of air pollution is extremely bad for health and has begun to affect all parts of the body. The long-
The long-term effects on the body will actually show up in a few years.
This basically means that we must do everything possible to reduce the level of pollution.
Sadly, our current strategy is actually not very effective ---
Whether it's an air purifier or a mask-
That's why it's important in the long run to contain threats rather than find temporary solutions, "said Dr. AIIMS.
So, if you pack your luggage and go to Bali until the air pollution is unstable, this is not an option, there are several ways to protect yourself from this toxic air. 1.
Always check the level of pollution. As a rule of thumb, you must check the level of pollution before going out.
In particular, if you live in a highly polluted city like Delhi, it becomes critical to keep yourself updated on air quality reports. 2.
It's time to download the app to check for air pollution levels, and it's time to make good use of your smartphone.
There are several apps that can help you check the level of air pollution.
Download one now and measure the level of contaminants wherever you are and keep abreast of the situation. 3.
Avoid going out in the morning and in the evening before air pollution levels return to normal, it is highly recommended that you leave that morning and even walk.
This is because air pollution levels are recorded to be the highest in the morning and at night, so the more active you are during this time, the more serious the air pollution you breathe. 4.
Start Wearing
Pollution massage sorry to break your bubble, but covering your nose and mouth with a steal doesn't do you any good.
In fact, even the fragile surgical masks that you buy from the medical store at a very cheap price are not enough.
So if you really want to protect your lungs from harmful particles in the air, you 'd better invest heavily
Respirator on duty.
Here's how you choose the best
Pollution Mask 5.
Installing air purifiers we pay so much attention to outdoor pollution and smoke from cars that we often forget that indoor pollution is actually worse.
Since we spend most of our time indoors, it is wise to invest in air purifiers.
Keep in mind that you need to replace the filter as per the suggestion of the air purifier and keep the room sealed during use.
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