‘curb pollution’ cry gets louder in gurugram - best air purifier for smoke

by:Yovog     2019-08-04
‘curb pollution’ cry gets louder in gurugram  -  best air purifier for smoke
After a joint report by air purifier manufacturers and environmental protection organizations that Gulug is the world's most polluted city, citizens and environmental activists in the Millennium City asked the government to take immediate measures to control pollution.
They say the government should control pollution by taking effective measures such as reducing diesel pollution
Operate vehicles, among other things, and announce that aravanta is considered a forest.
By the way, this report follows the Punjab land protection measures taken by the Haryana government (
Haryana amendment)
Bill 2019 removes the forest protection of about 29,000 hectares in aravarta and shivalidate.
The bill has sparked protests across the state, especially in the capital, where the Supreme Court has also slammed the state government and threatened it not to proceed with the proposed legal changes.
Forest analyst Chetan Agarwal expressed concern about the findings of the report, saying that the city's geographical location makes it vulnerable to wind, mainly in winter, over the past few years, due to the increase in rice planting and the subsequent burning of stubble, the situation deteriorated.
Diesel car blamedMr
Agarwal also blamed the situation on diesel
Running vehicles, mainly self-driving and diesel generator sets.
"Several recent studies have shown that smoke from Diesel
Driving can cause cancer.
Our government should introduce policies to discourage people from buying diesel.
Run the vehicle . "Agarwal.
According to the report, Gurugram has an average of particulate matter per year (PM 2. 5)
135 micrograms/cubic meters of quality in 2018. Report a ‘wake-
Up' call to say that the report is a "wake-Up call --up” call, Mr.
Agarwal stressed that several reports have repeatedly stated that Gurugram is one of the top ten polluting cities in the world, but it is time to take action.
He said the government must withdraw the proposed amendment to the Punjab land protection law to phase out diesel
Run autorickshaws in addition to blocking the use of diesel
Running vehicles and generators.
"Why waste your waste," said Ruchika Sethi, head of the campaign, Gurugram is rapidly urbanizing and the surge in air pollution is a direct consequence of this trend.
However, public health is not a priority for the government.
Its citizens.
"The city lacks the overall planning and law enforcement capacity to respect basic environmental laws and meet municipal guidelines. A non-
Inclusive growth further poses many challenges.
Triggers for local air pollution can be seen throughout the year, such as rampant waste incineration, reckless dumping of garbage, no.
Adhere to building standards and openly sell building materials . "Sethi.
At the same time, the CMC said it had instructed the deputy director to convene a meeting of all relevant departments within two days to discuss how to deal with pollution.
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