cooking emissions an overlooked contributor to air pollution - household air cleaner

by:Yovog     2020-02-20
cooking emissions an overlooked contributor to air pollution  -  household air cleaner
Kolkata: The skyline of the area turns gray in the afternoon.
At dusk, there was a thick haze on the horizon.
With winter coming, millions of people living in rural and suburban India have many reasons to worry about, one of which is air pollution.
The surrounding air is filled with choking smoke and pungent smells, most of which are caused by smoke from traditional stoves used by Jura and millions of people at home.
Although climate conditions are the cause of poor air quality, human beings
Pollution is also a huge contributor nationwide.
India is choking due to an emergency of air pollution.
The level of air pollution in India has risen alarmingly, especially in the winter, which can be attributed to an increase in industrial chimney waste, thermal power plants, farm burning and vehicle emissions.
However, the impact of air pollution in eastern India is different compared to the rest of India, where millions of people still rely on coal
Based on heating and cooking media.
As multiple cities are far from meeting the minimum air quality standards recommended by the World Health Organization, traffic was forced to decrease in response to the crisis and construction projects were put on hold.
However, cooking emissions, one of the major contributors to the pollution crisis, did not make headlines like other pollution sources.
More than 85% of rural households in India reportedly use biomass as cooking fuel.
Biomass incineration not only causes indoor pollution, but also destroys key resources for soil rejuvenation.
According to the Institute of Energy and Resources (TERI)
Nearly 40% of India's air pollution comes from domestic fuel burning.
For decades, researchers, experts and NGOs have been looking for ways to persuade people to turn to more efficient and cost-effective cooking methods.
When people cook with traditional chocolate, a lot of toxic smoke and soot will enter the air.
These emissions can lead to cancer, pneumonia, heart disease, etc. , which is the main cause of outdoor air pollution.
In addition to air pollution, burning solid fuels will release emissions from some of the most important contributors to global climate change: carbon dioxide, methane, black carbon and other short carbon
Living climate pollutants (SLCPs).
Unsustainable wood harvesting can also lead to deforestation and reduce the carbon absorption of forests.
Earlier this year, an online database was established with the support of the Global Alliance for Clean stoves, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation to start tracking the impact of household energy consumption in more than 640 regions of India.
According to the data, nearly 30% of outdoor air pollution in China is caused by domestic energy burning.
In some areas, household air pollution accounts for more than half of outdoor air pollution, indicating that reducing outdoor air pollution also requires indoor air pollution.
The government has announced plans to connect 50 million households below the poverty line to gas by 2019.
So far, nearly 14 million households have been linked to cooking gases.
Working with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, a number of partners of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves have worked with UNICEF and WHO to develop a strategy, clean cooking as part of India's comprehensive action plan to prevent pneumonia and diarrhea.
"We know the health impact of cooking on India, where there are still too many people cooking with heavily polluted fuel," said Damodar Bachani, Deputy Commissioner of Health and Family Welfare, working with multiple stakeholders, the department is helping to mitigate the health impact of air pollution.
One of the proven solutions is to increase the use of safer, cleaner fuels and stoves.
"Home air pollution caused by cooking is the main cause of illness and death in India.
Radha Muthiah, CEO of GACC, said: "The transformation of millions of people from solid fuel cooking to the continuous use of clean fuels can bring great benefits to health and the environment, especially air quality.
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