Coffee Makers Bet on Single Cup Systems - small appliance manufacturers

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Coffee Makers Bet on Single Cup Systems  -  small appliance manufacturers
-Six production lines work 12 hours a day, cut small filters and load them into small cups, put them in 2 or 3 grams of coffee, seal them and put them in the box.
Dozens of small coffee containers around Green Hill coffee bakery are called K-
The Cup, which goes offline every few minutes, represents a revolution in the way small professional winemakers want Americans to brew their favorite barbecue at home.
Small Cup is a kind of self
The coffee brewing system is included and can be put into a relatively new coffee maker brand to produce a steaming cup of java coffee.
The promoters of the system said that the days of a pot of coffee burning slowly before being thrown into the sink had passed.
Green Hill coffee Baking Company(GMCR)isn't alone.
Large and small brewers, as well as electrical appliance manufacturers, have joined the bill and used the brewing system as an ideal gift for this festival for those addicted to convenience.
"This is an example of quality in line with convenience," T said . "J.
Whalen, vice president of Green Mountain Coffee Marketing.
Castle Peak and other small professional brewers like it are trying to capture the high end of the market with their more expensive beer and their more expensive brewing system.
But P & G's company's (PG)
The Folgers brand of Sara Lee's (SLE)
Senseo and Kraft Foods's (KFT)
Maxwell House is also trying to capitalize on trends that some companies believe are emerging in the home kitchen.
These machines have already taken off in the office, but where consumers may consider buying them for their home, the critical mass is just beginning.
A diversified company like Mr.
The system now produced by coffee, Black & Decker, Krups and Keurig can use coffee pods to make a cup of coffee in 30 seconds-
Looks like a few pocket reasons for oversized tea bags--
Individual cups produced by bakers and food companies.
"We know from different market research that there is a reasonable potential behind this segment," said Lars Tov, spokesman for P & G coffee products, including the gourmet-first Millstone brand.
"We can certainly see that awareness is rising in the United States. S.
"The main brands want to connect with the gourmet coffee industry to provide them with entrees for the lucrative part of the market.
The National Coffee Association's 2005 National Coffee drinking trend survey found that more than 0. 172 billion of American adults drink coffee, 15%--
About 32 million--
They drink delicious coffee every day.
That's up from 9% six years ago.
The survey also found that,
More than 30 consumers realize
But only 2% of people have a brewing system, and 14% say they are likely to buy one.
Jon Harris, vice president of Sara Lee food and beverage, said the machines were not intended to replace Starbucks stores or corner cafes.
He said Sara Lee wants the Senseo brand to complement the ubiquitous cafes around the country.
"People are looking for this experience at home," Harris said . ".
The brewing system is just massive-
In the past few years, people have been skeptical about whether they will take off.
Peter Green, president of NPD house world, a division of NPD Group home appliance marketing research, believes that they will never replace the familiar automatic drip coffee machine.
"I don't think the people you drink coffee every day and most people do that," he said . ".
He pointed out that there are limitations to this technology, and there is no uniform pod or cup for all machines.
And the machine is more expensive than the typical automatic drip system.
A basic Senseo brewing machine is being sold online for $69. 99. The higher-
The End Keurig machine costs between $99. 95 and $279.
95 for versions that are also sold to office.
It's not cheap to get into their coffee.
In a supermarket in Washington, D. C. C.
This week, a pack of 18 cups of Senseo pods costs $3. 99, a 13-ounce vacuum-
A brick folger coffee cost $3. 95.
A box of K in Green Mountain 24
There are $13 cups online. 95, while a 12-
A bag of beans costs $8 an ounce. 19.
Nevertheless, the market tracking of the NPD Group is still a little better than 4.
It is estimated that 5% of the 27 million coffee brewing devices sold this year will be single --
Service system, from about 1.
Last year, the market share was 5%.
"It depends on how you define success," says Green . ".
"I think it will be a success, but the market share is only 5%.
A coffee critic said: "But some of the shortcomings of these systems may be magnified in homes where people often expect premium beer.
One is the machine itself.
At least there is no industry standard yet, and coffee boxes or cups that work on one machine are usually not compatible with another machine.
Another problem, for coffee lovers like Coffee Review editor Ken David, the bigger problem is getting into the coffee of the machine.
The quality is very different, he said.
"Some coffee tastes mediocre --
Davids said late last month that he was making a blind tasting from a singleserve machines.
Although some good coffee was available, David was not impressed. "It's a cafe-at-
"If you think milk powder, sugar and instant coffee are cappuccino, go home," he said . ".
If you think the freshly ground espresso and fresh
A cappuccino, No. "
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