China Walks Tightrope In Bid To Clean Air - personal air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-08-13
China Walks Tightrope In Bid To Clean Air  -  personal air purifier
Before I move to Beijing, I will never believe that the same view on the same window at the same time will be completely different within 24 hours, but this is the case on Thursday and Friday of this week.
On Thursday morning I woke up and looked out from the window of my Beijing apartment and saw almost nothing: The skyline of the city's central business district was completely blurred.
Looks like morning fog. If only it was.
After browsing a clever app called "Beijing air" on my iPhone, there was a frustrating news: The air quality index was 530.
To put this number in context, all you need to know is that the security level is 25.
Take a look at the chart below and see how Beijing and many other Chinese cities compare to New York (
London is similar).
The morning in Beijing is not the weather app, but the Air app.
The activity of this day is mainly controlled by numbers on the screen.
If less than 150, this is good news, even though people over the age of 25 are not healthy.
If it's between 150 and 250, you know it's bad.
Plans of more than 300 must be developed to avoid contact with the outdoors.
Sky News provided me with an air purifier.
The efficiency of Switzerland, it absorbs dirty air, spray it out, clean.
Not cheap though (
In fact, it is unnecessary expensive)
Most of Beijing's 20 million residents cannot afford the luxury-breathing clean air should not be a luxury.
But strangely, from the Beijingers I asked about the air, I found the feeling of resignation and denial intertwined.
Walk to work every morning at eight o'clock A. M. , I will pass by a group
Elderly women who take part in daily exercise in Ritan Park.
They dance together perfectly with a typical Chinese tune.
This is a great Chinese attraction.
I stopped to chat with them one morning.
I met Ms. Wang and her two friends, Luo Chunyan and Wang Shulan.
They are all aware of the bad. air issue;
They can't really ignore it when it hangs around us.
However, they seem to have accepted it all.
Lou Chunyan told me: "We live in this world. Although the air is important, we can't stay indoors all the time, can we ? ".
"I think it's okay.
Wang admitted it was a worry, but she wanted to know what she could do.
"We are all used to it," she said . "
"Our club was founded six years ago and we come every day unless it snows.
"Of course, we were worried, but I felt much better when I came out to exercise.
I would feel very uncomfortable if I stayed at home.
Ms. Wang blamed the number of cars on Beijing's roads.
"I remember when I was working 20 years ago, there were also smog days.
"I used to ride for 40 minutes to work, but it was never so bad," she recalls . ".
"Then fog, not smog.
Now you say fog is actually fog.
"The government has to deal with it. . .
The control of the car is the most important.
As you can see, the heavily polluted factory is now out of town.
The only thing to blame is car smoke.
"The government has taken steps to solve this problem.
Among them, a law uses the car registration board to determine the date on which the driver is allowed to enter the city road, and a stricter emission regulation is in place to remove the old car from the road.
However, their extensive approach seems to be more conscious than any other one.
Pollution data including the most dangerous pm2. 5. 5 (
Tiny particles that can be absorbed deep into the lungs)
And now it's released to everyone, country-
Run media is covering the dangers on a regular basis.
This will encourage more efforts, but it will also raise concerns about the issue and may put pressure on unelected Communist rulers.
Last month, we were allowed into the government department responsible for monitoring air. The vice-
The department manager is Li Yunting.
She knows how bad the air is: record-
Every hour on her screen, the number of breakup appears.
It was unusual for a government employee to comment on a sensitive topic, and she raised my personal opinion on the issue.
"My child is very small.
"He is three years old and I told his grandparents not to take him out because the air is not good," she said . ".
"These days, I want to change my mask to a more protective one to protect myself from pollution.
I know my friends and a lot of citizens are buying masks outside.
"The Chinese government is clearly working to solve this problem now.
They know that it could really affect the international business of the Chinese capital, which is an international embarrassment.
But they are on the tightrope: by allowing transparency on this issue (
The state media once called it "fog ",
Now they admit it's "smog ")
They are likely to be bounced back by not taking enough measures to solve the problem.
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