ces editors' choice awards: the best and coolest tech to expect in 2019 - best air purifier for smoke

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ces editors\' choice awards: the best and coolest tech to expect in 2019  -  best air purifier for smoke

Our editors will review and recommend the products to help you purchase the products you need.
If you make a purchase by clicking on one of our links, we may get a fraction of the revenue.
However, our choices and opinions are independent of the newsroom for USA Today and any business incentives.
CES is the largest technology exhibition this year, and the team of product experts reviewed every year will spend a few days sorting out thousands of new releases that debuted in Las Vegas. Our goal?
Excluding the counterfeiters, we only emphasize what we think will cause a stir in 2019.
We call them the winner of the CES Editor's Choice and again we find some very good products.
Although there are a lot of flashy products that make a huge commitment, we are focused on what you really want to buy this year.
All of our 40 winners have balanced the four key criteria of innovation, technology, design and value.
Congrats all of our winners and be sure to check out all of the winners reports as we continue to update this page at CES 2019.
TV and AudioA rollsup TV?
Will miracles never stop?
Okay, when a "scroll-
LG R9-OLED TV debut last year
Technically, OLED65R9PUA-
It's a real body. and-blood product.
The TV seems to be a wide silver speaker base or a fancy TV stand.
Power on R9 and razorthin 65-
Inch screen rising with Kubrick
Like the solemn start from the base, spread out into a very good-Look at the display
Overall packaging is one of the best
You can buy a TV that looks beautiful, it is stored in 100 gracefully-
Watt speaker base.
While LG actually brought the magic product to market in the second half of 2019, the company has yet to determine the price.
But let's be real, you can't afford it.
Samsung's modular screen technology was impressive, but when we saw it on CES 2019 this year, we absolutely believed it.
Samsung delivered 75-
Inch 4 k micro TV, next to a huge 150 inch micro LED Block "wall" and smaller modular "windows.
"Actually, it's all a TV: A Super TV.
A bright, tightly arranged cluster of tiny light.
LEDs create their own light and color. The pixel-
Level diodes can be combined into rectangular sections that can be combined together to form a screen of almost any size or resolutionLego moved in.
While the technology may be beyond the price range of most people, the technology is the first step forward for displays in the past decade.
What happens when you deliver one of the most bizarre ideas and heights
This year's performance TV and take the "don't fix it if it's not bad" approach?
Sony OLED g oled TV.
Available at 65-and 77-
Inch size Sony g is the king of Sony's so-called "Master Series" TV, which has gently improved the minor shortcomings of the A9F since last year.
It is thinner and stands straight (
No more wacky balls lean back)
Improved the design of acoustic surface speakers (
Speaker on screen
Like we said.
This is a super
So, say enough.
Like most TVs on CES 2019, the price has not been determined yet, but with names like Master Series, you know what will happen.
In the past two years, LG's "C" series oled TV has won our first place because it is the most valuable performer you can buy, so, it makes sense that 2019 C9 OLED will receive the CES editorial choice award this year.
While this is not the most novel OLED in the LG 2019 series, this is why C9 is so good: you get the same perfect black level, high color peaks, integrated AI features and HDR format compatibility are more expensive models.
As LG's most affordable 2019 OLED, C9 is the best choice for most people to enjoy the amazing quality of OLED technology.
Mega of TCL, 2017-
The value of the 6-series TV surprised critics and consumers.
The 2019 6 series is designed to continue this trend by providing impressive 4 k/hdr TV performance, a built-in
In the version of the cute Roku Smart platform, more flexible than ever before
There are 55 series 2019 6-, 65-, and 75-
The size of this year is inches.
Although the final pricing details of the entire lineup have not yet been announced, 75-
The Inch 6 series costs $1,800. The feature-
The packaged 4 K/HDR 6 series should be the radar for anyone who wants to get an excellent hdr TV for a few hundred pounds over their competitors. Vizio’s M-
TV series has always been a value champion, bringing the most novel TV technology to buyers at a very friendly price. The M-
In 2019, sales of the series exceeded themselves: starting from 43 inch, the full range of TVs with dimensions of up to 65 inch adopted quantum dot technology.
This updated technology greatly improves the color saturation of the TV, which was previously only available in expensive models.
Now, you're always very cheap at the price of M-
Series, it will continue to provide 4 k resolution, HDR compatibility, full
Array local dimming and smart features.
Vizio has not confirmed the price yet, but it is the price that was followed in 2019.
Portable Bluetooth speakers have exploded in recent years and there are now hundreds of different models on the market.
The JBL Flip line has always been the best performing in our tests, and the latest flip looks the best.
The design is similar to USB using simple controls before-
C charging and waterproof body, but the battery life is said to have increased, only $100.
Although Bose has ruled this category for years, noise
Competition to cancel headphones is heating up.
The latest work of Jabra is the wireless elite 85 h, a top set-notch over-
Headphones with 30-hour battery life, AI-
Noise cancellation, compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google for only $300, very comfortable.
During our short time with them, they sound great and they will definitely compete with Bose QuietComfort and Sony ANC headphones when they ship in April.
There are a bunch of headphones on CES, but most are vying for the biggest, boldest, and most innovative headphones on the market. Audio-
Technica's ANC500BT doesn't have such a big ambition, but they're good --
Wireless Call-
Headphones with active noise cancellation have a battery life of about 20 hours.
Oh, they're only $100, breaking the notion of what we can expect from a pair of affordable overspendingear headphones.
Laptops and mobile devices have dozens of laptops on CES every year, but the new Asus ZenBook S is one of the most amazing laptops I 've seen in a while
It is very beautiful and has a CNC milled aluminum body that is different from any other laptop I have seen recently.
While there are a lot of thin, light, upscale laptops with aluminum shells on the market, these little things together make up a laptop that really stands out from the crowd.
When it comes to the best Windows laptops, Dell's XPS 13 has been locked to the top of most people's list, but it always has a nasty flaw: the webcam under the screen, make embarrassing video chat.
The new model finally solved the problem, but kept the edgeto-
First of all, make XPS such an amazing edge display.
It's a little thing, but when the best Windows laptop finally fixes the obvious bug on the resume, it only makes the competition further behind.
If you are not a student or have no children, you may be surprised at how popular Chromebooks are --
How much they can do these days.
The previous Asus Chromebook Flip is one of the best examples of this type, and the new version is by far the best.
It responds quickly, is light in weight, has narrow border display, has full
The metal body is comparable to rivals Windows and Mac laptops.
If you're thinking of launching a Chromebook in 2019, the Asus c4c434 should be your first stop.
Razer Blade gaming laptops have been the best in the industry for some time, but this year's model has taken it to a new level.
The new blade includes Nvidia's new mobile RTX gpu, which promises to be closedesktop-
Level performance.
While many gaming laptops are shaking these new GPUs, the blades do this in a relatively thin package, obscuring their true power. Yes, 17-
Inch Notebook still exists!
While our obsession with thinner, lighter, and more portable laptops makes most 17-
LG Gram is keeping this dream in the bin.
Its body is a little bent and the material is just so
But when you get 17 points
Laptop with the same weight as 13 inches
Inch MacBook Pro with touchpad is hard to complain about.
Business laptops always seem to be the same, but Dell is breaking that pattern with the new Latitude 7400.
It has the same quality material and design as the topof-the-
Dell XPS 13 series, but it has full port, security features and can extend battery life by 24 hours with one charge.
In short, it is undoubtedly the most beautiful business laptop ever.
At a glance, your boring black laptop will definitely see some "unexpected" coffee spills soon.
Popsockpuppets is one of the most popular phone accessories in the world, but with huge extras
Ons always look stuck on the back of your phone.
The new otter shell solved the problem.
They give you an OtterBox iPhone case that has an integrated space to connect to the special "potopps" that you can replace at any time.
The result is that all styles and features make popsockpuppets so popular without leaving awkward attachments hanging on your phone.
If your bedside table is the same as mine, my phone, charger and anything else needs to be charged the next day, it's a bunch of cables.
The lovely wake EY alarm clock at Anker solved it all. It’s an all-in-
As a Bluetooth speaker, clock, wireless charging board and USB hub, a device that can charge a variety of gadgets.
Is this the coolest gadget on CES?
Probably not, but it is very powerful and I can see that almost everyone is using it.
An unexpected knock on the door may make you feel happy or scared
According to your personality
But you never need to feel uncertain when you have a video doorbell.
We already love the Ring doorbell, but their new product-the door view camera, can "install" the video doorbell even if you rent r, because it doesn't need to make any changes to the residence.
Just screw down the glass from the peep hole of your door and install the door view cam on the hole.
Now, almost anyone has the confidence to know who is on the other side of the door before opening the door.
Security video is as good as video quality.
If your camera can't give you a clear pictureday or night—of the goings-
Around your property, when you need to identify a face or license plate number, it doesn't do much good for you.
We love Arlo's previous outdoor security camera, but Arlo Ultra is more suitable for it, that is, 4 k Ultra HD resolution and color night vision.
Ultra is also equipped with spotlights, dual microphones and magnetic brackets for your convenience-
Free battery replacement.
Later this month, Arlo Ultra will be purchased at Best Buy and Amazon, and the price of an Arlo Ultra plus the included SmartHub is $399.
With Echo Spot and Echo Show, Amazon proves that Alexa is more useful when it comes to screens.
Lenovo's P10 Smart Tab follows, essentially an Android tablet that plugs into Bluetooth speakers and runs the display mode app.
You basically have a large ECHO program when docked (
No video calling features from Amazonfor now)
, But you can turn it on and use it as a normal Android tablet or Bluetooth speaker at any time.
It was very unpleasant to have to drag yourself off the comfortable bed and turn off the ceiling fan in the middle of the night.
Lucky for us, the Caseta of Lutron (
Our favorite in-
Intelligent dimmer
A smart fan switch called fan speed control will be released.
Even if your fan is running on the zipper, the fan speed control can switch your fan speed between four different settings and specify a speed as your favorite.
Fan speed controls should start selling in the third quarter, with an estimated retail price of about $80.
There are already some great smart locks on the market that can automatically lock doors with latch, but what about only side doors with lock on the knob?
Yale guarantees that there are those single lever locks.
There are hole doors.
The lever lock can be used separately as a beautiful touch screen keyboard lock, or a connection module can be added as a smart lock by August.
Its smart lock feature allows integration with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit.
Assure Lever Lock is an elegant way to ensure that all doors on your property are safe.
When the Samsung Home Hub refrigerator debuted in 2015, we were a little skeptical about the refrigerator connected to the Internet.
However, the current generation of Samsung home hubs has brought a lot of useful tools to the kitchen table.
It is compatible with Bixby, which means you can order Uber or browse the Internet in your voice.
In addition, the new home board feature allows you to put pictures, notes and artwork on the fridge for your family to share.
In this paperless era, what everyone wants to digitize is a huge advantage.
What is the best way to remove mustard stains on a cannabis shirt?
Samsung's new Bixby-
With the gasket enabled, you don't have to guess. The AI-
The drive system can give advice on how to handle stains and what cycles to use.
If time is tight, you can ask Bixby to schedule a cycle so that it ends when you are free.
To provide more help, the Auto Link function sends a signal to the dryer to select the best cycle to get the clothing into a wearable state without wearing the fibers.
As long as there is a robot vacuum in the market, the little robot has a huge fight against the endless random items on the floor.
Whether it's power cord or shit, you have to be ready in advance
Clean it before your robot vacuum completes its work.
Finally, Deebot Ozmo 960 has a solution:
Oriented by AIVI (
Artificial intelligence and visual interpretation.
960 scan the surrounding environment, identify ordinary household items, intelligently avoid them, and let us get rid of the chore of saving the robot vacuum cleaner.
In the past, when you wanted to plant herbs indoors, you had two options: window sill planting or lamp planting.
The planters put you under the whim of the sun, and the lights that grow out tend to be as ugly as sin.
Here's the miracle.
Twelve gros come in.
The Standard Model is a stackable frame, the factory is located below and the top is used as a coffee table.
To further fit into your decor, grow light is in triplicate, so you can set it to look less conspicuous when guests come over.
We also like that this model has a collection. it-and-forget-
It mentality: one, two
The gallon reservoir will automatically water the plants so you don't have.
The original kit will feature a month of nutrients, a pH balancer and Bluetooth-
The sensor is enabled to inform you of the demand for water.
Although the robot vacuum cleaner has made great progress in recent years, but the robot mop is a bit halfway.
That's why we like the A9s.
This is a robotic vacuum with a mop attachment with a vibrating water tank.
Usually, the robot mop does not have enough quality to scrub the floor
Therefore, the A9s makes up for this in terms of speed, using small and fast vibrations to clean the object.
While this robotic vacuum may not have fancy smart features, it attracts a lot of value areas for just $299.
Kitchen and cooking brands like June and Brava have made smart countertop convection ovens (
For the first time in several years, Whirlpool has entered the category with their incubator WLabs, aiming to stand out through some innovative features: algorithms to identify whether food is frozen or thawed, tip-
The highest temperature accuracy, as well as an internal camera that will allow you to check your meals, etc.
This table top oven is beautifully designed, stylish and simple with almost a microwave
Like the look, this is an update to this category.
From giants like swirls (
The price of $800)
This thing has potential.
The most popular stand mixer in the United States has become more complex. At its first-
Ever since, KitchenAid has launched a smart multi-tasking device called Cook Processor Connect, which can Cook, Fry, steam, stew, knead, weigh, chop, shredded meat, mud, and then stir.
Yes, that's all.
This device is clearly KitchenAid's challenge to European multi-engine company Thermomix, which has achieved a similar number of feats (
At the same steep price of $1,500).
While KitchenAid may not be creating a new basic tool with the Cook processor Connect, the company's high manufacturing standards convince us that this device will pay off for the luxury market.
Also, it has gorgeous candy apple red.
At first glance, the GE kitchen center looks like an overkillthe-
Hood series with 27-
Comes with an inch tablet.
However, if you go a little deeper, you will find a way to make cooking more enjoyable.
Unlike a normal tablet, it has U Connect: A Down platform
Facing the camera, it allows you to cook with a loved one or even a coach.
You can also fly, play Spotify, interact with other smart devices, and enjoy our favorite features: low
Electric vents that prevent oil smoke from touching the original screen.
There is no shortage of health, beauty and fitness trackers, but there are some unique and refreshing things for the methods Withings have been pursuing.
The company was acquired by Nokia and then bought back by its original partner
The founder, has managed to design a tracker that takes a thin line between high-tech and traditional watch aesthetics.
The new Withings mobile tracks all the activities that most competitors do: walking, running, sleeping, swimming, etc.
But the novelty is that it is definitely a simulated dial.
If there is no screen power supply, the mobile battery will last for 18 months.
Plus, it's sharp.
Looks bad, only $69. 95.
Almost every woman was told at some point in her life that she was wearing the wrong bra size.
While companies like ThirdLove try to find the right size more simply by online quiz, the intimates brand Soma will get higher accuracy through Innofit, a bra with sensors, you can instantly read the critical measurements needed to get the perfect fit.
The technology, originally developed by Like gloves, was designed to help women find jeans that fit them, and its application in bras is an exciting next step.
Innoinnofit eliminates the inaccuracy of traditional tape measure (
It can measure the volume of the breast in a way that the tape cannot measure)
And always awkward bra installation process, while also guiding women to choose the bra that best suits their size.
It is connected to a proprietary app via Bluetooth and can be purchased online soon for $25 or in the Soma store.
P & G Ventures, a P & G startup, has launched dual skin care products-
Beauty solutions are different from anything we 've seen before.
Traditional cover
Opt é Precision Skincare combines LED scanners, cameras, small computers and micro-computers to face large areas of the face
The printer on one device is very precise.
If it sounds complicated and expensive, it's because
But the result is amazing, especially for a non-Laser surgery
Free skin care.
The black spots under the applicator seem to disappear, but there is no trace of makeup or discoloration on any skin around it, and over time the serum will try to improve the skin tone.
Opt é should be available by the end of this year, so be ready to enter nonemakeup look.
On CES full of smart fitness devices, there is nothing simpler and more versatile than KettlebellConnect from JaxJox.
It looks like a smooth pot Bell is actually a unit that holds six different stackable weights ranging from 12 to 42 pounds and can be added and removed at will.
KettlebellConnect is also equipped with sensors that can track your hours and how you work, help you improve your grades and stay motivated over time.
Oh, the app loads the fitness video.
If you can take out $350
About five times the price)
For home fitness, keep an eye out for the version later this year.
Recently, there have been more and more intelligent air quality monitoring equipment with different functions.
Many people can track temperatures, carbon dioxide, and VOCs, but by adding radon detection to the list, airings Wave successfully stands out.
The new airings Wave Mini is a smaller, cheaper version of airings Wave Plus for only $79.
It has three internal sensors (
Compared to the six sensors in the larger version)
, But with the same feature set.
This is a good price for peace of mind.
According to AAA data, for all the talk about air quality in your home, it's easy to forget the fact that Americans spend about 290 hours a year on cars.
The air is much more polluted than the air in your home.
That's why BlueAir created cabin air.
Air purifier for car.
It is tied to the back of the headrest (
In fact, it's about the same size as the headrest)
Plug in the DC power outlet of the car. Cheaper in-
The car ion generator just captures the particles and sinks them into the surface of your car.
The cabin air actively filters out carbon and fine particles, including VOCs and odors.
$250 is expected
$300 $, filter must be replaced every 3-1
6 months, but for commuters in busy traffic areas, the benefits of health may outweigh the dents in their wallets.
Garmin's first LTE-
Enabling a smartwatch means that runners can leave their phones at home while enjoying music, text alerts, and GPS.
Garmin also added some great security features with the new data features.
If the runner feels unsafe, they can press the watch button for five seconds and give an alarm (
GPS real time data)
Urgent contact sent to them.
There is also an automatic "event detection" that sends the same alarm if an impact or fall is detected.
LTE services are available only through Verizon.
Current customers can add watches as new devices to their plans, and new customers can create accounts only for watches.
Garmin and Verizon are still counting the final price, but the watch itself is expected to cost $299.
Parenting and Child technology have become a reliable and good
Received Smart Baby Monitor Nanit Plus, it can do everything you expect in 2019: a bird
Eye perspective on the baby bed, two-
Audio, ambient sound and soft lighting, and cool features like sleep tracking and time
Baby's delay video at night
The new 2019 is two simple but effective clothing accessories, called respiratory clothing: one is sw swaddling, the other is a strap, each with a black and white pattern.
The Nanit Plus display uses patterns on clothes to determine if your baby is breathing.
It's really just peace of mind for parents, but it prevents you from opening the door to check --a real make-or-
Take a break at any nap time.
Two years ago, when the first Willow smart breast pump made its debut, it won the CES editorial award for finally undoing the process of the breast pump.
As the time to collect user feedback on the market is getting shorter and shorter, they are again starting to use new and improved pump 2. 0.
The biggest change is that part of the pump is now transparent, so it would be easier to simply look down and make sure it is installed correctly before starting pumping.
You can get two pumps and 72 bags for only $499.
The Elvey pump is a very close person.
Up, as it is lighter, smaller, and larger in capacity than willow trees.
The great thing about Elvie is that it uses a plastic box instead of a disposable bag to store milk, but we found that, at least among the reviewed staff, disposable bags are actually very popular
Keeping track of how much milk or formula your child has drunk is something that baby parents are very concerned about.
If you apply some technology to this issue, your first thought might be a smart bottle.
But as any parent will tell you, babies tend to have a strong brand preference in terms of bottles, and you may have to try three or four times before you find success.
We appreciate the simplicity of the BlueSmart approach.
Instead of making smart bottles, they make a sleeve at the bottom of the bottle you already have.
The sleeves track milk consumption, feeding duration and angle.
It will also light up at the bottom and tell you if something inside is too hot, too cold or just right.
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