carmakers promise chinese drivers a breath of fresh air - car air purifier for smokers

by:Yovog     2019-12-27
carmakers promise chinese drivers a breath of fresh air  -  car air purifier for smokers
The air inside your car is cleaner than the outside air. -in smog-
This is an attractive sales market, and the world's largest automakers are racing to make money.
To prove this, when the Beijing auto show opened to the public over the past week, the thick smog shrouded the Chinese capital, showing more than 1,000 cars in the world's largest car market.
Haze is a common sight in Chinese cities. in recent years, the surge in urban traffic in China has further exacerbated the pollution caused by the vigorous development of factories and coal --
Thermal power plant.
Automakers have been bragging about their ability to reduce harmful emissions from cars. -
But in an effort to attract Chinese drivers, they are also increasingly adding air purifiers.
Volvo, a Swedish subsidiary of Chinese carmaker Geely, launched a publicity campaign last year to showcase a new Air
A cleaning system that filters out contaminated particles and pollen.
Since 2010, Japanese rival Nissan has launched a "forest air conditioning" system in its luxury Infiniti series--
In addition to filtering the air, a little green leaf fragrance can be added to help drivers stay alert. -
Intelligent filtering-
Wang Jilan, a visitor to the Beijing auto show, said he is now interested in whether the car is built in.
Air purifier.
"This is definitely an important indicator for those who want to buy a car," he told AFP, "for the health of their families.
"Nissan's forest air conditioning system has another selling point in China ---
A large number of smokers in the country have been told that the system can suck out all cigarette smoke and smells in just five minutes.
The French Peugeot Citroen group has also joined the trend. Its C-
The Elysee Palace already offers an optional air purifier, which the company plans to extend from 2016.
According to Patrick Andre, this will bring the technology into the luxury DS series of PSA, as well as models added based on their market positioning and products that competitors may offer in the future, team leader, PSA air filtration research group.
The company's "Smart Filter" system only starts to operate when vehicles enter a contaminated environment.
A precision filter blocks 90% of fine particles. -
Less than three micrometers. -
While it is possible to add a layer of activated carbon, a porous form of charcoal, to "capture the contaminated gas," Andrey said ". In-
Car Air purification may have been around for 30 years, but the pace of driving the technology has accelerated in recent years as pollution in China reaches a level of crisis. -
Promised Land contaminated
Suppliers of manufacturing giants are also keen to enter potentially lucrative markets.
Valeo, a French component maker, has been developing new systems in China to replace its traditional air filters.
For parts makers like Valeo, China could become a promised land for pollution.
"Air quality is a common challenge in China and Chinese drivers are becoming more aware of it," said Edouard de Piray of Shanghai.
President of Valeo China.
Now, he says, smartphone apps allow people to constantly detect pollution levels.
"A lot of people have already installed particle filters at home to protect their children," De Piray added . " He predicted that similar systems in people's cars would be the next step.
Especially after the infamous image of the Chinese city being attacked by the "airpoc", analysts said the industry is expected-
Car Air purification growth.
Shanghai Namrita Chow said: "Chinese consumers now know more about what is safe and what is not air quality
Analyst at IHS Automotive.
"If you can emphasize that you have a safer car with cleaner air and better safety systems, you will attract more buyers.
Analysts predict that even if China is the main target of the new technology, the purification system could be hit by European drivers.
"Pollution is also a problem in Europe ---
Look at the smog in France, "says Patrick Andrei of Peugeot Citroen.
At the same time, mass production in China may reduce the cost of developing filters, he added.
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