buses cause air clean-up backfire - air cleaner

by:Yovog     2020-01-19
buses cause air clean-up backfire  -  air cleaner
By Red double-
As a sign of London's streets, the decker bus is in trouble by making more smoke than it used to be.
Ironically, criminals are filters installed on buses, trying to make the city's air cleaner by eliminating the choking black waste gas.
The problem is that the filter is changing the chemical composition of the exhaust gas, resulting in an increase in carbon dioxide emissions, one of the key components of the city's smog.
Thus, despite the reduction in overall traffic in London through the imposition of controversial traffic congestion charges, air quality has failed to reach European smoke targets more than ever.
This is by no means a return to the terrible past of London's smog.
Mike Peilin said that smoke pollution is more dangerous than nitrogen pollution, so Air in London is still safer than before the introduction of filters, and a chemist at the University of Leeds hosted a panel discussion on the report, the report was published by the British government last week.
The introduction of filters coincided with the introduction of more buses on the streets of the UK, but the problem was global and plagued technologies to reduce smoke emissions from diesel vehicles, said Mr.
"California first noticed this phenomenon when cleaning up its own car emissions, and other European cities have also increased.
He hopes that the design and installation of better filters will eventually solve the problem.
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