budget 2017: najib's full speech - small electrical appliances

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budget 2017: najib\'s full speech  -  small electrical appliances
Kuala Lumpur: 2017 Budget speech by Prime Minister and Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak-
Introduction to supply orders (2017)
In Dewan RAKYAT.
"To ensure solidarity and economic growth, including prudent spending, the well-being of RAKYAT," Mr. speaker said, I request that the bill be changed to "a bill, apply from the Consolidated Fund for an amount for the services of 2017 and use that amount for the services of the year "for the second time
Mr. BismillahirRahmanirRahim alhamdullahi report on the final accounts of Rabbil Alamin Wabihi Nasta in.
Thank you to Allah, thank you for your blessing, we are gathered here today, October 21, 2016, to submit the budget for 2017. 2.
May the chosen messenger, the Prophet Muhammad, be safe. 3.
Dear Allah, the best planner, we pray for your guidance and we seek your grace.
Mr. Speaker, 4.
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome 23,000 pilgrims heading home to jj.
May your DPRK jj be accepted by the Almighty. InsyaAllah.
Mr. Speaker, 5 years old.
Many budgets have been submitted since the past 60 years. 6. The first post-
In 1959, the Parliament submitted an independent budget with a total allocation of only 2017 yuan, compared with the current budget of 2 yuan. 8 billion. 7.
In the past 60 years, both the Philippine party and the current Israeli national government have managed to maintain an average annual GDP growth of 6%.
Mr. Speaker, durila, durila, 8 years old.
The budget allocation for 2017 is rm260.
8 billion, an increase of 3.
4% 2016 of the budget recalibrated. 9.
Among them, RM214.
8 billion for operational expenditures and development expenditures.
This does not include unexpected expenses equivalent to the RM2 billion. 10.
Under operating expenses, the total amount is rm77.
4 billion is paid for supply and services. 11.
At the same time, a sum of 10 yuan.
9 billion for fixed fees and grants.
One million yuan was allocated for the purchase of assets, while eight million yuan was allocated.
Other expenditures were 6 million per cent.
Mr. Speaker, 12.
Under development spending, the economy will receive the highest share of 25 yuan.
9 billion, followed by the social sector with rm12. 2 billion.
5 yuan will be allocated for the security sector.
3 billion and general administration 2. 5 billion. 13.
Revenue is expected to grow by about 3% in 2017 to 19 yuan. 7 billion. 14.
In addition, the government is expected to meet the fiscal deficit target of 3% of GDP in 2017, while 3. 1% this year. 15.
Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen. . .
I know these numbers and numbers may not be easy to understand. 16.
In fact, despite the global economic uncertainty we face, the government is always committed to implementing the best budget for rakyat through prudent spending.
Ladies and gentlemen, 17 years old.
The definition of government prudent spending is similar to a wise father or family leader managing his finances to meet the needs of the family. 18.
In other words, if we can afford expensive toys before, then we can continue to do so in the current situation, but we can do so within our power. 19.
This also applies to food and dining and it is recommended to consume moderately as needed. 20.
In addition, Malaysia is a famous food paradise. 21.
For example, in recent independent information, I gave examples of good food at a reasonable price, such as Nasi Kandar Vanggey of Ipoh. 22.
I found out that a local young female graduate was selling "Nasi Lemak Anak Dara" in Shah Alam ".
Her summons caused a stir. 23.
Nevertheless, the government encourages these people, especially graduates, to start a business, and we pray for their success.
Mr. Speaker, 24.
In setting the 2017 budget, we learned from sections 43 to 49 of Sura Yousuf.
As ulamas explains, one should plan and prepare for the first seven years, while facing the challenges of the following seven years in order to maintain economic resilience. 25.
About seven years ago, Malaysia was also affected by the global economic slowdown in 2008, a lesson learned from the above historical events. 26.
So, after I was appointed finance minister, under the leadership of former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah badbadawi, we launched our first economic stimulus package, contributing nearly seven billion yuan to the revitalization of the economy. 27.
The first stimulus package is only a temporary measure.
Then in March 2009, a month after I was prime minister, I implemented a second yuan of economic stimulus. 28.
Clearly, this was a positive measure to stimulate slow economic growth at that time.
As a result, the economy began to rebound as GDP reached 7. 4% in 2010.
Mr. Speaker, 29.
Inspired by the stimulus plan and the seven budgets, our economy remains stable and on a positive track.
Mr. Speaker, 30.
In fact, the uncertainty of the current external economy is beyond our control. 31.
The slowdown in external growth is caused by a slowdown in growth in all major economies. 32.
Global growth is therefore expected to slow.
1% from 3 in 2016. 2% in 2015. 33.
Nevertheless, we are grateful for the steady and sustainable growth of our economy in the first half of this year. 34.
It is clear that the country's economy is growing at four points.
1%, we are confident to achieve growth between 4% and 4.
There were 5% persons in 2016 and 4% to 5% persons in 2017. InsyaAllah. 35.
In fact, we are on the right track now, and although these measures are unpopular, we have and are making the right decisions. 36.
I would like to stress that all these big and critical decisions are made on purpose. 37.
As the saying goes, in addition to rainy days, we have laid a solid foundation for the long-term development of this country.
Financial and economic status.
Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen, 38 years old.
All of this was achieved thanks to the efforts and planning of the government, focusing on the various strategic measures since 2010. 39.
First: diversify government sources of income, especially by reducing dependence on the oil and gas sector --
The related income comes from 41.
3% from 2009 to 14. 6% in 2016. 40.
Thanks to the further diversity of our economy, despite the recent decline in oil prices by nearly 50%, growth has been resilient and sustainable. 41.
Second, the government's bold measures to implement GST diversify revenue sources.
We should realize that there are only two.
1 million out of 14 taxpayers.
Accounting for 6 million of the total national labor force. 42.
In addition, with the recent fall in oil prices, government revenues are estimated to lose 3 billion yuan from income taxes, corporate taxes, royalties, Petronas dividends and oil income taxes. 43.
Therefore, we should be grateful for the implementation of the GST because the government can support its expenditure with limited resources.
Mr. Speaker, 44.
I am pleased to report that as of October 19, 2016, the collection of GST has reached nearly RMB yuan. 45.
What I would like to stress is that we should not believe in the gossip about the increase in GST rates.
These are just voices that are not true. 46.
The third is to rationalize subsidies.
For example, the oil subsidy in 1995 was RMB million, accounting for only 0.
24% of the total national budget. 47.
When it reached its peak in 2012, it reached rm24. 8 billion or 9.
8% of the total national budget. 48.
In general, the inefficient bulk subsidy system has clearly put a burden on the government's financial situation and caused losses.
Therefore, we have replaced it with a targeted subsidy system that benefits those who really need it.
Mr. Speaker, 49.
Obviously, through the measures and initiatives taken by the government, our economy has achieved sustainable growth.
Parity by purchasing power (PPP)
Malaysia is now an upper middle school country.
Not only in Asia, but also in many countries around the world. 50.
Per capita PPP in Malaysia increased from $100 in 2012 to $891 in 2015. 51.
From a different point of view, the Malaysian government is aware of rumors about the so-called decline in investor confidence in the Malaysian economy. 52.
The economy of a country is closely related to what people think, because there is no investment to drive the economy without confidence. 53.
But if our own people destroy and destroy our economy, we will destroy our own country. 54.
Therefore, the blame of irresponsible internal and external parties must be stopped! 55.
Despite the many challenges, from the peninsula to Sabah and Sarawak, the three governments of BALA will do everything for their beloved rakyat, and we will continue to push the country forward. 56.
Facts and figures have proved the truth. 57.
For example, total foreign investment approved in the first half of 2016 exceeded RMB 32%, an increase over the same period last year. 58.
This does not include approved domestic investments totaling more than RMB. 59.
In fact, during my official visit to Germany last month, I met with business people who expressed interest in continuing to invest in Malaysia because they were confident in the good policies of the government, meet their expectations60.
Osram, for example, announced an investment worth the euro or equivalent to nearly five billion yuan. 61.
Keida will be the largest and latest factory investment in the world. 62. Insya-
Allah, I will go to China next week. we hope to attract more investment. 63.
Recently, according to kashik Basu, chief economist and senior vice president of the World Bank, due to the suffering of many countries due to falling commodity prices, Malaysia stands out because it has emerged from a poor commodity-
To the modern diversified economy.
Mr. Speaker, 64.
Each time a budget is discussed, many intellectuals refer to and discuss several important chapters in Al-
Among other things, the Quran
It is not allowed to circulate wealth only among the rich. 65.
I ask for advice from different Urama and learn from Muslims about this poem.
They explained that the poem must be viewed in a broader and more comprehensive context. 66.
As Imam al-
Mawardi, taking into account the needs and interests of rakyat, the provision or distribution of rakyat is subjective. 67.
Making complex budgets is not an easy task.
As a government that feels the pulse of rakyat, over the past few months we have received thousands of ideas from all walks of life.
Mr. Speaker, 68.
The budget for 2017 is based on the five principles and concepts of the government.
First, when establishing a nation-state, the government gives priority to ethnic integration.
Our racial diversity is an important asset of the past, present and future;
Second, safeguard national sovereignty, uphold the Constitution and laws, and safeguard national security.
Third, the government is united and stable, and it is a strong team,
Fourth: this government is a refined government with clear direction, planning system and implementation plan as a whole, efficient and structured.
As a matter of fact, this government has fulfilled its commitments, and we are still delivering on them, and most importantly, we will continue to deliver on them;
Fifth, we adhere to the national ideology, that is, Rukun Negara.
Therefore, in the process of governing the state, the government has been firmly committed to the philosophy of Islam in the world and the principles of Wasatiyyah.
This philosophy includes moderation; balance; social justice; fairness; and excellence.
This means that we have been pursuing excellence, not just mediocrity and complacency, but more satisfaction with mediocrity.
Mr. Speaker and Dear Mr. rakyat, 69.
While we strive to succeed through our joys and sorrows, we never forget to inspire our exemplary leadership. 70.
In this regard, we would like to express our deepest condolences to the families of several who serve the country.
Although they are not members of Parliament, I would like to share their stories. 71.
First of all, alaham Tan Sri Haji Abdul Aziz Taipa, who is loyal to the party and the people until the age of 93. 72.
Second, another close family friend, Dr. Dato Harun Ding, a group guru at allaharum. 73.
In fact, Malaysians have lost two respected figures. 74.
Obviously, despite our political differences, the contribution of alahamm Tuan Guru to Uma has been highly respected.
The government therefore awarded him the 2016 Maal Hijrah Special Award.
We are sad and disappointed that certain parties openly hate and insult him.
Mr. Speaker, 75.
In fact, when I went to the hospital, alahamm Tuan Guru suggested that neither love nor hate should be too extreme. 76. Al-Fatihah.
Mr. Speaker, 77.
We are approaching 60 years of independence.
During these years, the current position of the civil service is 1.
6 million is the pillar and pillar of state administration. 78.
To thank the civil servants for their contributions, I am pleased to announce the following: First: extend full paid study leave to the support group, which is currently limited to management and professional groups;
Second: 5 days of undocumented isolation leave for civil servants whose children are sick and asked to be isolated;
Third: This year's budget will expand existing computer lending facilities, including the purchase of smartphones.
Civil servants can use the facility once every three years, with a maximum loan of 5 000 yuan;
Fourth: The government also decided to increase the loan amount for motorcycles from 5 thousand yuan to 10 thousand yuan.
Mr. Speaker, fifth: The government is concerned about the housing needs of civil servants and is committed to enabling them to have housing.
Therefore, the government is pleased to increase the eligibility for housing loans for civil servants from RM120 000 to RM600 000 to RM200 000 to RM750 000;
Six: 30,000 sets of civil service housing in Malaysia (PPA1M)
The price is between 90 yuan and 20% yuan, which is lower than the market price;
Seventh: extend the service contract and service personnel contract for at least one year and expire at the end of this year;
Eighth: in order to solve the problem of expert doctors leaving public service and promotion delays, the government will introduce 56 levels between 54 and jusa c for medical and dental experts;
Ninth: due to the limitation of long-term positions, the first contract doctors, dentists and pharmacists will be appointed by December 2016 at the latest.
According to reports, there are currently nearly 2,600 doctors who are unable to receive medical treatment in any hospital.
Hopefully this is good news for them and their families.
Mr. Speaker, 79.
Before submitting the budget, please allow me to clarify some repeated allegations and misconceptions that create fear among rakyat people, leading to public confusion about the economic situation in Malaysia. 80.
The first misconception and misconception that the government will go bankrupt. 81.
In this regard, I would like to clarify that it will only be declared bankrupt if a government is unable to repay its debt. 82.
There are three well-known rating agencies: Fitch, Moody's and S & P. 83.
The ratings and reports of these rating agencies are accepted in assessing a country's ability to repay its debt. 84.
By contrast, Fitch named Malaysia-
Compared with the Philippines (BBB-), Thailand (BBB+)and Vietnam (BB-). 85.
In fact, our rating is similar to that of developed and larger economies such as Korea (AA-), China (A+), Taiwan (A+), Japan (A). 86.
This means that bankruptcy will never happen in Malaysia's economic dictionary!
Mr. Speaker, 87.
The second allegation is that Malaysia is a failed country. 88.
This is a false accusation.
I want to clarify the meaning of a failed country.
It refers to the failure of a state to perform most of the duties and basic functions of the government. 89.
This includes the failure of the police and armed forces to maintain national security and public order;
The government did not pay the salaries of civil servants;
Basic facilities such as water and electricity are not provided, as well as vicious inflation that could lead to economic collapse. 90.
These features do not exist in Malaysia, and with the blessing of Allah, the Malaysian government will never allow our country to become a failed country. 91.
This budget is not intended to benefit any particular group.
However, it is designed to accommodate well
It's from rakyat. 92.
As shown in the family income pyramid, there are three main categories of rakyat in China, namely T20, M40 and b40. 93.
For the M40 group, household income is between Rs 900 and Rs 300. 94.
This M40 group includes single couples and most married couples with higher education and technical level. 95.
Duldulillah, the group has not encountered difficulties in meeting their basic needs.
However, the government intends to increase their disposable income. 96.
This includes aspects such as job security, increasing income from time to time, housing, safety, education, health, and a balanced lifestyle between work, entertainment and having a good time with your family.
Mr. Speaker, 97.
As far as the public is aware, B40 refers to the bottom 40% of families whose monthly income is RM3, 900 and below.
From a macroeconomic perspective, the presence of this group is common in any developing country. 98.
According to the report of the Khazanah Institute, compared with the income growth of the M40 and T20 groups, the family income of the B40 families grew faster.
Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen, dear rakyat, 99.
In the 2015 budget, I define the human economy and the capital economy.
This time, I want to add an important concept to becoming an advanced economy. e.
Happiness of the public100.
I mean, this budget is not just about income, it's also about quality of life, like no crime, enjoy a clean environment, a variety of colorful arts and culture. 101.
To achieve higher education and improve academic qualifications and intelligence;
Secure medical services and efficient public transport. 102.
With regard to environmental issues, we must continue to protect our nature, particularly the catchment areas, and declare these areas as forest protected areas and national parks to prevent intrusion.
This will only become a reality if all state governments cooperate fully with the private sector and rakyat.
Mr. Speaker, 103For the well-
As a member of rakyat, the government remains committed to implementing Rakyat-centric projects and programmes in urban and rural areas, as follows: First: from information and field visits, there are still villages without street lights.
To illuminate the village at night, a total of 97,000 street lamps and 3,000 LED lights will be installed at the intersection.
7,500 villages across the country, including Sabah and Sarawak, participated in the operation.
2: strengthen the connectivity of township cities, build a total of 616 kilometers of upgraded village roads and bridges, and configure rm1. 2 billion;
Third, maintain the national highway, a total of 4 yuan.
6 billion allocation to all states according to the Malaysian Road record information system (MARRIS);
Fourth: construction and renovation of 17,000 poor and dilapidated houses in remote villages and the settlement of orangasley, with a grant of yuan.
According to the condition of the house, each unit will receive renovation assistance between RM1, 000 and rm15000;
Fifth: to increase the supply of clean water with the goal of 5,200 housing units, including the upgrade of the FELDA water supply system. 104.
Recently, we have faced various water supply problems in several states, including insufficient water supply capacity; drought;
Pollution caused by industrial waste and logging;
And leaking pipes. 105.
In order to improve capacity and ensure water supply, the government will allocate a total of 15 million yuan and a total loan of 5 million yuan. 106.
In addition, a water supply fund will be set up immediately to allocate yuan to solve the water supply problem in the country.
The sixth is to supply power to rural areas, with about 10,000 households supplying electricity and allocating yuan;
Seventh, the government is concerned about the welfare of urban residents, especially those who live in apartments.
These dilapidated apartments are due to lack of maintenance, including elevator failures.
Therefore, the government's maintenance fund in Malaysia (TP1M)
Rehabilitation of the apartment and the facilities of the 113 people's House program (PPR)
In cities and suburbs. 107.
In addition, the government will implement the people-
Configure the friendly project of RM800 million.
These projects include the upgrading and construction of SURAO, Xiaoqiao, drainage system, community hall, market and kiosk.
The implementation of these projects will give priority to local G1 and G2 contractors. 108.
In addition, a total of 69 flood control plans will continue to be implemented nationwide, with RMB allocated.
Mr. Speaker, 109
I am pleased to announce the implementation of the new national blue sea strategy (NBOS)
The initiative, my beautiful new home, specifically assigned RM200 million to B40 across the country. 110.
In the initial phase, a total of 5,000 units will be built at prices ranging from 40 000 to 50 000 yuan per unit. 111.
Interestingly, the government will fund RMB 20 000 and the remaining funds will be paid in installments by each owner.
The houses will be built on their own land.
Land permitted by the owner of the land;
Land issued by the state government. 112.
Department of Urban welfare, housing and local government (KPKT)
9,850 housing units will be built according to the people's housing plan (PPR)
With the RM134 million allocated in 2017. 113.
At the same time, under the distribution of RMB 11,250, a total of PPR houses were built.
These PPR houses will be sold between 35 000 and 42 000 yuan, although the actual construction cost is between 000 and 000 yuan. Mr.
Mr. Speaker 114.
In order to help improve rakyat's income opportunities, in particular the income opportunities of the B40 Group, a total of RMB was allocated for the following: First: expanding the MySuria project with an allocation of 45 yuan
Through this initiative, solar panels will be installed in more than 1,600 housing units.
Each participant can receive rm50 yuan per month;
Second: giatmara expanded the mobilization plan, with a total allocation of 3,000 yuan, with the goal of being a participant in the use of motorcycles;
Third: implement the agricultural entrepreneur plan, train 3,000 young entrepreneurs and allocate yuan.
These entrepreneurs are involved in high production.
Pay attention to agricultural products;
Fourth: Revitalizing the eUsahawan and eRezeki projects under Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)
It consists of 300,000 participants and is allocated yuan.
Ladies and gentlemen, 115.
In order to reduce the cost of living, the government will provide subsidies of nearly ten billion yuan.
This distribution includes fuel subsidies, including gas; toll charges;
Public transport. 116.
The government will allocate 1 yuan to help grow rice.
3 billion subsidize rice prices, seeds and fertilizers, including rice on the hillside. 117.
As an incentive for registered rubber farmers, the government will purchase floor prices in the allocation of RMB 50 yuan. 118.
As an additional measure, the government will launch a three-month monthly amount of seasonal assistance for RM200 in November, December and January, benefiting 440,000 rubber tappers and small farmers. 119.
In addition, in order to reduce the living expenses of 57,000 fishermen, the monthly allowance of RM200 to RM300 will continue to be paid.
Mr. Speaker, 120
Since the introduction of the Malaysian People's Aid Program (BR1M)
There is no doubt that this project has been very good --
Received and received positive feedback from the recipient. 121.
At an event I attended, a Malaysian Indian BR1M recipient expressed his gratitude to the government for helping his family. 122.
So, Mr. Speaker, ladies and gentlemen, BR1M is not an animal feed, nor a bait, but a sincere aid from the government, because we always give priority to the needs of tiserakyat.
We have therefore provided more assistance. 123.
In this regard, br1m assistance next year will be increased as follows: First: for e-commerce families
The Kasih database with a monthly income of less than RM3, 000, BR1M will increase from RM1, 050 and RM1, 000 to 200;
Second: for household income between RM3 000 and RM4 000, BR1 M will increase from RM800 to RM900;
Third: for singles with incomes below RM2, 000, br1m will increase from RM400 to rm450. 124.
At the same time, the bereavement program will continue to provide RM1, 000 compensation to close relatives of the family and older persons category BR1M recipients.
Overall, the br1m programme will provide an allocation of 6 million yuan to 7 million recipients. 8 billion. 125.
In order to cultivate the local labor force that meets the requirements of the industry, the TVET education ability will be improved by allocating 4 yuan RMB.
6 billion to the TVET agency. 126.
9 unused teacher training institutions optimize government assets through NBOS (IPG)
It will transform into Polytechnic and vocational colleges. 127.
Finally, four will become the Institute of Technology, the other four will become vocational colleges, and one will become the training institution for vocational and technical education. 128.
Through this creative initiative, the expenditure on the construction of a new Institute of Technology is only rm400 million, compared with rm50 million.
This will save the government about a billion rupees. 129.
In addition, the upgraded educational equipment and skills development fund company of the TVET institution allocated RMB yuan for the upgraded educational equipment. 130.
In this regard, a double tax reduction is given to the costs incurred by private companies in providing structured internship programs for students with undergraduate degrees, diplomatic and Malaysian Skills Certificates level 3 and above under the TVET program.
This incentive was extended from 2017 of the assessment to 2019 of the assessment for a period of three years. 131.
In addition, the training matched grants and curriculum development with the public TVET, which was successfully assisted by industry equipment.
Mr. Speaker, 132
In order to improve the employability of graduates, 50 Myr was allocated for the extension of the 1 Malaysia training program (SL1M)
Compared to the 20,000 graduates in 2017, GLCs offered programs in 2016 for the named graduates.
Mr. Speaker, 133
The ownership of the house is a matter of great concern to me.
The government is committed to ensuring that every family has a house. 134.
In order to increase the affordability of the first home buyers, the government will introduce the following concepts: the first concept: through NBOS, we will be in a strategic position to GLCs and Perumahan Rakyat 1PR1MA)
More than 30 000 houses were built at a price ranging from RM150 000 to RM300 000, far below the market price from rm50 000 to RM400 000.
The second concept: about 10,000 houses were built in urban areas and rented out to qualified permanent employed youth, including young graduates entering the labor market.
They can rent for up to five years at a price lower than the market rate, while strengthening the financial position of owning the house;
The third concept: to build 5,000 sets of people's friendly homes (PMR)
The government subsidizes 20 thousand yuan per unit.
For this purpose, the Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad (SPNB);
Mr. Speaker, 135PR1MA is well-received.
So far, there are more than 12,000 units worth RMB 3.
3 billion sets have been booked and 85,000 sets have been approved. 136.
I would like to take this opportunity to announce a new and special "step --up” end-
Financing plan for Pr1ma program. 137.
Through this special program, buyers with a total loan of 90% to 100% will be more likely to receive financing, and the loan rejection rate will be significantly reduced. 138.
The application process for the program will take effect on January 1, 2017.
The plan is a partnership between the government and the National Bank of Malaysia. BNM)
Fund provided by employees (EPF)
As well as the four local banks Maybank, CIMB, RHB and AmBank. 139.
For example, applicants with a monthly income of RM3, 000 can only obtain loans exceeding RM187, 000.
However, the applicant will be able to borrow more than rm295000 through this special financing scheme. 140.
In addition, the stamp duty exemption for transfer tools and housing loan tools has been raised to 100% to help reduce the cost of first-time home ownership, compared to 50% currently. 141.
However, this exemption is limited to houses worth up to RM300, 000 and is only available for first-time home buyers from January 1-20, 2017 to December 31.
Mr. Speaker, 142
For the development of the second generation housing infrastructure, FELDA will receive RM200 million yuan, felcra will receive RM100 million yuan, and RISDA will receive RM100 million yuan.
Mr. Speaker, 143
Good news for taxpayers.
At present, there are 21 categories of personal tax relief.
In order to facilitate taxpayers to declare the existing tax relief, the purchase of reading materials, computers and sports equipment as a tax relief for lifestyle. 144.
This waiver includes the purchase of printed newspapers, smartphones and tablets, Internet subscriptions, and gym membership fees.
Relief waived Rs 500 per year, effective from the assessment year.
Mr. Speaker, 145
The NBOS program has successfully saved rm3.
5 billion of government spending. 146. As it is well-
Rakyat received four other city transformation centers (UTC)
In Sembilan, plis, ploppinang and Selangor and three other rural transformation centers (RTC)
Shabbat and Sarawak will be built in snow Lanzhou with a grant of yuan. 147.
As a new measure, each UTC will receive an employment center to help match between job seekers and potential employers. 148.
UTC runs seven days a week from eight o'clock A. M. to ten o'clock P. M.
This is only possible with the support of the Israeli national government. 149.
In addition, other NBOS initiatives include 1 Malaysian English language, school coding, International Professional volunteer service and 2 global community of entrepreneurs with an allocation of RMB 40.
Mr. Speaker, 150
In the implementation of various Rakyat-
The government is committed to strengthening the long-term programme-centric
Through, inter alia, the establishment of an intelligence gathering arrangement (CIA)
Under the leadership of the Ministry of Finance
Tax Bureau (IRB)
Royal Customs and Corporation Commission of Malaysia (SSM)
Because they will share data to improve the efficiency of tax and compliance. 151.
In addition, stamp duty on real estate transfer instruments worth more than RM1 million will increase from 3% to 4% from January 1, 2018. 152.
In addition, various Rakyat-
Project-focused projects will continue through private financing initiatives (PFI)
1 billion yuan was allocated.
Mr. Speaker, 153
Professor Hamka once said that the pure soul comes from a healthy lifestyle, and sports and entertainment bring about a healthy personality --building. 154.
However, BERSIH (
A healthy lifestyle
Not here is the Bercy rally. 155.
When it comes to sports, we are very proud of our national Olympic and Paralympic teams.
Our national anthem, Negaraku, performed in Rio for the first time. 156.
Our team won four silver medals and one bronze medal at 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
Congratulate our national Olympic hero. 157.
For the development of sports, 1.
2 billion is distribution.
Among them are RMB yuan, especially 29 Maritime games and 9 Asean Games held in 2017. 158.
In addition, several sports development programs will be implemented: first, 50 yuan will be allocated for the second phase construction of Pahang Gambang's football College;
Second: the allocation of funds for the construction of sports facilities including the National Youth and Sports Center, the Malaysian five-person Football Center and the community sports center;
Third: allocate 70 million yuan to continue to carry out the "elite sports podium development plan" to prepare for international sports events for the majority of athletes;
Fourth: 54 million yuan will be allocated to continue the development of athletes, including the preparation of athletes and the preparation of Paralympic athletes.
Mr. Speaker, 159
Health is everything.
Accordingly, concerted efforts will be taken to improve the health level of rakyat and the quality of health care in the country.
As a result, 25 billion yuan will be allocated for the following programmes: First: construction and upgrading of new hospitals and clinics, which include yingperis, Kuching, Muka, Jampol
Second: upgrade and renovate the hospital facilities of the configuration yuan.
This includes the provision of heart disease treatment equipment for Serdang Hospital, Pulau Pinang hospital and Sultanah Aminah hospital in Xinshan and the purchase of 100 ambulances;
Three: assign rm4.
5 billion for the operation of 340 Malaysian clinics, 11 Malaysian mobile clinics, 959 clinics and more than 1,800 existing rural clinics;
Fourth: allocate 4 billion yuan of supplies of medicines, consumables, vaccines and reagents to all government hospitals and health facilities.
Ladies and gentlemen, 160.
Regarding the issue of health care, I would like to introduce you to Dr. Mohd Lutfi Fadil Lokman.
He is a model youth recognized by the United Nations through the hospital Without Borders program he started in Cambodia.
Congratulate and applaud Dr. Lutfi, who I think is a youth icon in the health field.
Mr. Speaker, 161
In order to reduce overcrowding in public hospitals, the government will work with the private sector or NGOs,
According to the government's capital interest rate, the profit of the charity hospital.
The funds allocated in the form of loans for the purchase of hospital equipment totaled 20 million yuan. 162.
The government will allocate about 10,000 yuan, of which about yuan will be used for medical aid, benefiting nearly poor patients. 163.
To encourage the establishment of more private hemodialysis centers, the government will provide the following services:
The total amount of grants for the purchase of equipment worth RM200, 000 yuan is RM40 million yuan.
Mr. Speaker, 164
The government attaches great importance to infectious diseases such as dengue fever and Zika, and will take measures to prevent and control these diseases.
In addition, the National Community Health Empowerment programme will be expanded.
These programmes involve an allocation of 80 million yuan.
Mr. Speaker, 165
From a different perspective, the government is concerned about rising food prices and ensuring food safety. 166.
Therefore, a sum of 1.
3 billion is used to increase food production at competitive prices. 167.
This allocation is for the development of agricultural infrastructure such as drainage and irrigation, farm roads and marketing of agricultural products.
High impact programmes including rice fields, aquaculture complex areas and cage fish farms will continue. 168.
In addition, the necessary commodity programmes were distributed, four MyFarmOutlets were opened, and 150 Malaysian agricultural bases were upgraded with a grant of yuan. 169.
In addition, the government encourages the development of the dairy industry as well as madu kelulut and coconut, while reducing the reliability of imported animal feed by developing corn plantations as a pilot project of inTerengganu and Kedah
Mr. Speaker, 170
The government cares about the welfare of taxi drivers. 171.
Today we have two taxi drivers who thank the government for their efforts to secure their welfare.
Thank you, let's applaud Mr. Mohd Rais Hasan and Mr. Tan Woon Kong, who are here today. 172.
I am pleased to announce the allocation of $5 for the purchase of new cars and the provision of a personal taxi license for $60 m.
This will benefit 12,000 qualified taxi drivers who have signed a lease contract with the taxi company.
Mr. Speaker, 173
At present, most taxi drivers do not have insurance.
Therefore, the government will introduce social security organizations (SOCSO)
Individual taxi drivers with monthly income of up to toRM3, 000 yuan plan, with a start-up grant of 60 yuan. 174.
According to this plan, the annual fee for taxi drivers is between 43 yuan and only 13 yuan. 08per month.
In the event of an accident during work, they are eligible to claim a claim from SOCSO. 175.
For example, taxi drivers who have lost their permanent capacity will receive a lump sum payment between 281 and 624 yuan, between RS and RS per month.
In the event of death, close relatives will receive a dependant's allowance from RM945 at 655 yuan per month.
Mr. Speaker, 176
In order to help B40 groups, particularly BR1M recipients, receive additional income, the government will encourage them to participate as riders
Share drivers such as Uber drivers, especially those with vehicles. 177.
For part-time drivers who work 10 to 40 hours a week, their income may be as high as Rs 500 per month, or RS 300 if they work more than 40 hours a week. 178.
For those who do not have a vehicle, the use of BR1M will pay the down payment and the purchase of Proton Iriz will receive a rebate of 4 thousand yuan.
Mr. Speaker, 179
Upgrade the drainage system and build two speeding motorcycle ramps on the Selangor federal highway to mitigate the flooding of the motorcycle lane and ensure the safety of the rider.
To this end, 29 million yuan was allocated.
Mr. Speaker, 180
Under the capital economy, the government will continue to implement
Business strategy. 181.
In line with the expected expansion of private investment.
There will be RMB 1% to RMB in 2017, and more measures will be implemented. 182.
To stimulate private investment, the major infrastructure projects to be implemented include the upgrade of Sabah Jalan Lok Kawi-Pengalat-Papar;
Jalan cumbonkluk-guamusan-gualabang;
Construction of Rupal Bridge in Batang, Oman, Sri Lanka
Renovation of the Shandong Dagan power station project. 183.
In addition, for infrastructure and socio-economic development, five economic corridors, namely, Iskandar, Malaysia and the Northern Corridor Economic Zone (NCER)
East Coast Economic Zone (ECER)
Sabah Development Corridor (SDC)
And Sarawak renewable energy corridor (SCORE)
A sum of 2 yuan will be allocated. 1 billion. 184.
At the same time, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA)
RMB funds will be allocated.
Chemical products will focus on the industry;
Electronic and Electrical;
And R & D activities.
Mr. Speaker, 185
To enliven the domestic capital market and small and medium-sized enterprises
The Cap PLC research program will be introduced to conduct research on 300 companies. 186. Government-
The associated investment company will allocate a special fund up to RM3 billion to fund managers who invest in potential small and madcap companies under the authorization of the Securities Commission. 187.
In addition, the capital market research institute will provide initial funding of 75 million yuan through the capital market development fund. 188.
On the other hand, in maintaining Malaysia's position as an international Islamic financial center, I am pleased to announce that, through the International Monetary business unit, it is tax-free to entities operating the outIslamic bank and Takaful business. ICBU)
In foreign currency terms, the stamp duty exemption for such activity tools will be extended to the 2020 assessment year. 189.
Encourage young people for a long time
The government will launch a private retirement plan (PRS). 190.
Effective 2017, the government proposes to increase the existing RM500 award at one time to the minimum cumulative investment of RM1, 000 prscontrators within two years.
For this purpose, an allocation of RM165million will be provided.
Mr. Speaker, 191
For export promotion programmes to local SMEs byMATRADE, MIDA and SME Corp. , 1 million yuan was provided through the National Export Promotion Fund. 192.
In addition, the Export-Import Bank will provide small and medium-sized enterprises with loan financing and insurance credit facilities totaling RMB, with a coverage value of up to Rs million. 193.
In order to increase the export of palm oil, rubber, cocoa and pepper, RMB 1 million was provided. 194.
In order to improve the quality of palm oil products, 50 yuan is allocated for scientific research. 195.
In addition, the Malaysian Palm Oil Commission will provide a grant of 30 million yuan (MPOB)
For small farmers to replant palm oil. 196.
In addition, in order to facilitate small palm oil farmers, 20 million yuan was provided to the upgraded Real Estate Road.
Mr. Speaker, 197
Tourism contributes a lot to national income.
The government will further strengthen the construction and improvement of tourism facilities.
So, first of all, a dollar will be allocated in the clean air and eco-tourism initiative;
Second: the pioneer status promotion and investment tax incentives for the new 4-and 5-star hotels will be extended until December 31, 2018.
Third: tax relief from RM500 000 to RM700 000 will be added to encourage private sponsorship in local and foreign art, culture, heritage display and performance. 198.
In addition, the government, together with the ASEAN 50 th anniversary event and Malaysia as the host of the ASEAN games of the sea and Para, will promote Malaysia by visiting the ASEAN 50 th anniversary event.
Mr. Speaker, 199
In order to achieve the target of 32 million tourists next year, the government will promote eVisa to countries in the South Asian region of barcansan.
Mr. Speaker, 200
At present, digital connectivity is a revolution in economic activities, contributing nearly 16% to GDP. 201.
Through MDEC, 1 million yuan was allocated for the implementation of e-commerce and other programs
The business ecosystem and digital manufacturer movement, as well as the introduction of new positioning categories as digital centres in Malaysia. 202.
The government will also launch the world's first digital freedom zone.
It will consolidate entities and virtual regions and provide more online and digital services to promote international economic cooperation and revitalize the internet --
Based on innovation.
Mr. Speaker, 203
On this auspicious evening, I want to bring good news about online connections to all of you, especially young people.
As an open and democratic country, the government hopes to strengthen the channels of information dissemination on the Internet. 204.
I am pleased to announce that from January 2017, fixed-line broadband service providers will provide services at a higher rate at the same price.
For example, users of a 5 MB per second package of rm800 will enjoy a two-time speed package, that is, 10 MB per second. 205.
In the next two years, for the package, the pace will double as prices fall by 50%. 206.
In addition, the government will launch a plan at public universities to increase broadband network services to 100 gigabytes per second. 207.
At the same time, the communications and multimedia mission of Malaysia (MCMC)
RM1 billion will be provided to ensure that the coverage and quality of broadband across the country reaches 20 megabytes per second.
Ladies and gentlemen, 208.
The government has announced that 2017 will be the year of start-up and SME Promotion, in line with the important contribution of SMEs to national growth and the labor market. 209.
In order to promote the development of SMEs, the government will allocate 75 million yuan for the implementation of the overall planning programme for SMEs. 210.
In addition, under various plans of Syarikat Jaminan pembiayanperniagan, a guarantee of up to 15 yuan (SJPP)
Extended until 2025. 211.
In addition, in order to promote exports,
For SMEs, the government will charge a 2% rate rebate to SME borrowers under the SJPP program. 212.
This rebate is limited to a cumulative capital of 1 billion yuan, including the allocation of yuan in the next few years.
Mr. Speaker, 213
In order to revitalize start-up enterprises, the total amount of liquidity guarantee plan (WCGS)
The fund will be allocated to start-ups in particular. 214.
To encourage investment in high-tech start-ups, a new category, namely, foreign knowledge-technology entrepreneurs, will be introduced. 215.
At the same time, in order to revitalize the creative industry and film production, Malaysia's film incentive, art and cultural assessment agenda, as well as the FINAS content creation center, inSantubong, Sarawak and Kota Kinabalu, Sabah will be implemented216.
The government will also set up a committee represented by artists to further revitalize the arts and cultural sector.
All of these initiatives involve an allocation of 80 yuan.
Mr. Speaker, 217
Children between the ages of two and five are at a critical stage of physical and mental growth. 218.
Accordingly, the government will continue to provide additional food assistance and per capita grants to children participating in the inTABIKA and TASKA programmes. 219.
The government will also improve more balanced daily nutritious food packaging, including 250 ml milk, raisins and eggs. 220.
The plan will benefit nearly 280,000 children and allocate RMB yuan. 221.
In addition, 200,000 yuan is provided to improve access to free pre-school education in public schools, benefiting one child.
Mr. Speaker, 222
Every rakyat in this country should have full access to education. 223.
Initiatives to be implemented in primary and secondary schools include: first, the reconstruction of 120 poor schools, including 60 Peninsula schools, 30 in Sabah, 30 in Sarawak and the use of industrial construction systems, upgrade 1,800 science labs.
For this reason, RMB yuan was allocated;
2. complete the construction of 227 primary and secondary schools in the country, including 8 new schools with funds;
Third: provide 90 yuan RMB through Cambridge English, bilingual and highly immersive courses to improve the English level of the school.
Mr. Speaker, 224
Another good news is that MCMC will offer a free tablet that will provide RMB-assisted instruction for 430,000 teachers.
Mr. Speaker, 225
In order to support parents to reduce children's school attendance costs, the government will continue to implement the following programmes: First: provide a school aid program of 10 yuan per person to students of families earning up to Rs.
The programme will benefit three people.
There are 5 million students;
2. assign rm1.
Provide £ 1 billion in hospitality meal assistance to 365,000 students;
Third: RM300 Million for a Malaysian primary school supplementary food program;
Fourth: provide rm1.
1 billion including additional tuition subsidies;
Textbook Assistance and per capita grant assistance;
Fifth: provide a matching grant of up to 50 yuan for sspns-i.
This award will be fully provided to students in the first year
Schools assisted by the government;
Sixth: provide a special student allowance of 67,000 yuan per month, involving famous students and alternative buses in 21 special education schools;
Seventh: to provide a special fund for the improvement and maintenance of the school with a grant of more than 1 million yuan.
Among them: Mr. Speaker, 226.
In order to ensure that higher education is consistent with global standards, RMB 7.
4 billion pounds were allocated to 20 public universities. 227.
A sum of 1 from this amount.
4 billion were allocated to four university hospitals and five research universities were also allocated yuan. 228.
In addition, funds were allocated to higher education institutions to promote research culture and increase publications and intellectual property rights. 229.
In order to improve the effectiveness of assistance to students in higher education, the government will replace the book voucher with a student debit card worth rm50, which can be used to purchase books, computer accessories and Internet access, benefiting 1.
3 million students230.
The scholarship will continue to be allocated 4 yuan.
3 billion times in 2017, including: Mr. Speaker, 231 times.
In order to encourage the repayment of the PTPTN loan, the following rewards will be given: First: a 15% discount on the full settlement of outstanding debts;
Second, if you pay at least 10% of outstanding debts at one time, you can enjoy a discount of 50%;
Third: according to the repayment schedule, 10% discount on repayment through salary deduction or direct debit.
The above incentives will take effect tomorrow and October 22, 2016, with a deadline of 2017.
Mr. Speaker, 232
The government continues to protect vulnerable groups.
Incentives to be provided include: First: continued financial assistance to poor families, including general assistance of up to RM300 per month and child assistance of up to RM450 per month, bringing 69,000 families
Second: the provision of 4 yuan for senior citizens, including social and economic assistance of 30 yuan per month for senior citizens as living allowances and pocket money programs.
The aid will benefit thousands of elderly citizens.
In addition, eight senior civic activity centres will be established;
Third: RMB yuan for Disabled Persons (PWDs)
Including staff allowance, training allowance for disabled children and assistance for disabled persons who are unable to work.
This assistance programme will benefit nearly 150,000 persons with disabilities;
Fourth: the tax on goods and services for the purchase of registered assistance equipment for disabled persons does not need to be approved by private charitable entities.
The list of equipment eligible for tax cuts will be expanded.
Mr. Speaker, 233
In fact, PWD brings us a broader sense.
They have proven themselves to be world-class sports heroes with special abilities. 234.
So we are very pleased to have invited four of our 2016 athletes who have won three gold medals and one European medal.
235 Mr. Speaker, congratulate and applaud you.
The government recognizes the role of community leaders such as village chiefs in creating a harmonious and prosperous society. 236.
The government therefore agreed to increase the chairman of the village chief, the village development and security committee, including the head of the new village chief and Orang Asley, from m800 to rm900.
Mr. Speaker, 237
Public transport is essential for the daily mobility of therakyat towards development.
Rakyat looks forward to safer, more efficient and more comfortable public transport. 238.
As a result, the Kelana Jaya and Ampang LRT lines were put into operation in June 2016. 239.
At the same time, the Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT line will be operational on December 2016, benefiting 1.
2 million users in Basheng Valley. 240.
The government is also committed to enhancing public transport in rural areas through the following measures: First: phased implementation of the new East Coast railway line project connecting the barns Valley and the East Coast. The600-
The Km railway will contact Basheng port in villages and towns, ITT Gombak, Winter, Mentakab Guan Dan, Ganma bang, Ju tea, melon Ding, Ge Da Lu and ending inTumpat at an estimated cost of RM55 billion;
The second is to speed up the implementation of the Pan-Borneo Highway in Sabah and Sarawak;
Third: the allocation of yuan for the restoration of the East Coast railway line along guamusan-Tumpat, which was destroyed in the flood;
Fourth: increase the travel frequency of the new mountain-Badong Besar route ETS, including the purchase of nine trains to 2019.
In addition, as of 2019, 10 new trains will be purchased in stages, with an overall configuration of ofrm1. 1 billion.
Mr. Speaker, 241
Every year, Orang Asli benefits from every budget. 242.
This evening, we invited several Tok Batins that have benefited from past budgets. 243.
To come from ganbang Olang Asley jeereb, negiri Sembilan and from ganbang Wuji Bangkong, Sangai Pelek ·244.
The budget allocated 22 million yuan to water treatment projects, economic and entrepreneur development projects in 42 Orang Asli villages, as well as to Cameron ungai Ruil village immigrants in Pahang Cameron Highlands. 245.
In terms of indigenous customary rights, the land survey in Sabah allocated a total of 20 million yuan, and the land survey in the Indian Sarawak allocated a total of 30 million yuan.
Mr. Speaker, 246
The Chinese government has been focusing on the needs of Chinese and Indian communities.
In this regard, 50 million yuan was allocated for the development of China New Village, and under the supervision of the Malaysian Chinese women entrepreneurs Foundation, the SME loans obtained through KOJADI reached 50 million yuan, micro-credit loans reached 20 million yuan. 247.
In addition, the Malaysian hawker and small trader Foundation will provide 20 million yuan to Chinese Hawker communities. 248.
For the Malaysian Indian community, the amount allocated to programmes for capacity and income enhancement is 50 million and the amount for commercial financing programmes through tekun and Amanah Ikhtiar MalaysiaAIM). 249.
For the country
The government will expand pre-school education in Tamil schools
The school has allocated 10 million yuan to 50 schools. 250.
In this regard, I would like to make a policy statement that the government is committed to mainstreaming programmes that protect and empower Malaysian Indians into the national development agenda.
I take this opportunity to wish happiness to happyavali.
Mr. Speaker, 251
In order to maintain the agenda of bumipukid, last week I hosted the 60 th anniversary of the University of Malaysia (UiTM). 252.
Obviously, so far, UiTM has achieved its set goals by cultivating nearly 700,000 graduates.
There are successful academicians, administrators, technocrats, corporate figures and honorable ministers.
Mr. Speaker, 253
Therefore, in order to enhance the capacity of bumiputta, the government will allocate: First: provide RMB yuan to SME banks to increase opportunities for bumiputta entrepreneurs.
Second: there are a total of RMB million for their various start-up projects.
Third: RMB yuan is provided to TEKUN to help small entrepreneurs develop their business, including a new plan, TEMANITA, especially female micro-entrepreneurs.
Mr. Speaker also invited two successful entrepreneurs from the tekun initiative to attend Parliament this evening.
Let's welcome with warm applause.
Mr. Dentiarafandi, he succeeded in the tailor and the gentleman.
Vijaya-Indran s/o Ganesan who successfully repaired the appliance.
Fourth: the amount of Perbadanan usahawannonal Berhad to implement the financing scheme for start-up and business premises is RMB;
Fifth: provide RMB to MARA for various start-up programs, inter alia, halalindustry enterprises, young entrepreneurs development and integrated start-up training programs;
Sixth: to provide RMB yuan convenience fund for bumiputta to expand its business or carry out new business;
Seventh: the amount of the export fund that bumiputta entered the international market is RMB;
Eight: one RM100 million passed through yayoshi penerajupdikan bumipuzu as Peneraju Skil Dan Iltizam, Peneraju professional and Peneraju tunasprogram.
Together with us, there are two people in this House in August who have benefited from yayoshi Peneraju pendikanbumipueno.
They're in 6-
Star hotels and the construction industry.
Congrats Miss Danelia and Sir and applauds themSyahmi. 254.
In short, the agenda for empowering Malays will continue to be supported.
Mr. Speaker, 255
There have been recent allegations that the 2017 budget was not substantial and the government was underfunded. 256.
Indeed, a leader of the opposition says Malaysia will face a difficult economic situation this year.
Ladies and gentlemen, 257.
Now, who is there no substance?
Where did the storm start? 258.
My friends, the conclusion I can draw here is that, especially my barisangol MP, in the kugang Pasu of Pekan, the stormy weather, for the country we passed, we met the needs of rakyat first.
Mr. Speaker, 259
The government is very grateful to those countries for their contribution in promoting economic growth and employment. 260.
In fact, 97% of enterprises in the country come from small and medium-sized enterprises.
The companies also contributed 36% of China's GDPlast year, 65% of total employment and 18% of total exports. 261.
The government therefore believes that the SME sector has the capacity to further promote its contribution to the national economy. 262.
For a budget of 2017, I would like to announce a few good, high
Impact and important matters for companies, including small and medium-sized enterprises. 263.
To appreciate the achievements of successful revenue-increasing companies, the government decided to launch a new plan in 2018 and 2017. 264.
Compared to the previous year, the plan will provide a phased reduction based on an increase in income.
Income tax relief is as follows: 265.
For example, if a company evaluates a taxable income of 10 million yuan in 2016 and increases to 12 million yuan in 2017, the income tax levied by the first 10 million yuan is 24% or4 million.
The difference of 20% yuan increased in 2017 will be taxed in yuan equivalent to Yuan.
This means that the efficiency is 23.
3%, the total amount of tax payable is 2 yuan.
8 million, save taxes. 266.
At present, for all small and medium-sized enterprises, from 19%, the maximum taxable income tax rate of RM500, 000 has dropped from 18% to 2017. 267.
In order to facilitate the local supplier development program in the manufacturing and service sector, the double deduction of the expenses of the anchor company will be extended to December 31, 2020.
Mr. Speaker, 268
With unity, the government has never compromised with security and public order. 269.
We will always thank our troops for their contributions and sacrifices.
This includes the sacrifices they have made to defend the country in an emergency. 270.
Join us this evening as a representative of war heroes from security forces veterans and defending national sovereignty. 271.
Their contributions are priceless and cannot be repaid. 272.
I was told that now with us there are army, navy, air force delegates in gallery, and the Royal Malaysian Police who served in the LahadDatu tragedy. 273.
Let's give them warm applause.
Mr. Speaker, 274
Therefore, I am pleased to announce that the government will provide the veteran Malaya armed forces, who are still receiving special awards, with special rebel awards totaling 55 million yuan. 275.
In order to qualify veterans who have lost their capacity during service for this award.
For example, a corporal, who lost 80% of his ability during his service, was eligible for an award of RMB 34 000 and received a monthly award of RMB 5 90 based on current calculations.
This is a new incentive in addition to disability. 276.
Ministry of Defense (MINDEF)
An amount will be allocated. 1 billion.
Among them, the sum of 1 yuan.
8 billion for the maintenance of defense assets such as aircraft, patrol vessels, communications equipment, buildings and weapons.
The ATM will be equipped with patrol boats and 8x8 armored vehicles. 277.
In addition, a sum of 1.
Among other things, 3 billion pounds of communication equipment, rations and uniforms were allocated to the stabilization force. 278.
To improve the effectiveness of the ESSZONE operation, the cost of deploying personnel on the Shabbat East border is 3. 23.
Mr. Speaker, 279
In addition, the government will establish maritime bases and helicopter forward operation bases on the east coast of Sabah waters.
In addition, the government will deploy AV8 GEMPITA 8x8 and 4x4 armored vehicles in Lahad Datu and deploy Hawk fighter jets and European helicopter EC-
725 helicopter squadron of Namin Air Force Base. 280.
The armed forces will also build and upgrade roads under the giva muni programme, with an allocation of 14 million yuan within Sarawak. 281.
In addition, the armed forces school ferry service will continue to be provided to 15 000 ATM children throughout the country. 282.
At the same time, the Interior Ministry (KDN)
It's allocatedRM12.
8 billion includes a sum of 8 yuan.
7 billion Royal Malaysian Police.
The construction of 12 regional police headquarters, 69 assault training centres and the procurement of vehicles and equipment were included in the main programmes and projects. 283.
In addition, 60 million yuan was allocated to improve the effectiveness of crime prevention in cities, including ubiquitous and motorcycle patrol units. 284.
The government also recognizes the role of RELA in ensuring social security and peace.
To this end, the government will provide $80 m to more than 200,000 RELA members. 285.
Their two delegates are with us today. Please join hands and contribute to them. 286.
To ensure a safe and peaceful community, the government will provide a grant of RMB 40 to the registered residence Association.
These grants of up to 10 thousand yuan are used to purchase safety control equipment, clean and maintain nearby areas.
Mr. Speaker, 287
Women are the pillars and cornerstones of a country's development.
Soldiers are not only limited men but also women since ancient times. 288.
I met a female warrior a few days ago.
She is a solemn representative of courage, boldness and firmness.
Before she was detained by the Israeli regime, she carried out her humanitarian mission with her friends. 289.
She has returned home safely.
Let's give the warmest applause to Dr. fazyahasan. 290.
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