blueair 503 vs 603 - what's the difference? - air purifier for smoke

by:Yovog     2020-01-05
blueair 503 vs 603 - what\'s the difference?  -  air purifier for smoke
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Brevieware you want to exercise is the right air purifier compared to Blueair 503 and 603, Blueair 503 or 603 mode, this comparison guide can help you, through a brief review of these two patterns-
So you know exactly what each model can offer.
Then make a summary part at the end, focusing on the key differences between the 503 and 603 models, so that you can easily decide which one is your ideal air purifier.
Blueair 503 overview 503 make it good using Blueair's advanced technology
Air purifier.
The system used in 503 is called HEPA silent filtration technology.
503 HepaSilent air Blueair
Amazon, a purification system, costs $669. 95 $659. 00 Buy Now(
Prices as of November 2, 2016)
The content and featuresThe 503 can cover an area of 580 square feet and can easily provide clean air.
It is well known that it has a very good clean air delivery rate and is also certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.
HEPA silent filtration technology enhances the filtration of air and ions
Particle charging chamber.
This technology is far superior to the static or mechanical technology used in other air purifiers only in the same range.
It has fashionable design and various decoration styles.
In fact, it is the winner of the Swedish award for excellence in design, which grants the best design for a variety of products.
The unit is made of galvanized steel and is very strong and has recyclable filter media.
When you open it, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out how quiet it is and you may not even realize that it has been opened.
Blueair equipment is very eco-friendly with the least amount of harmful plastics used and zero ozone production.
With Energy Star certification, the CDAR rating for dust, pollen and smoke is 375.
Other specifications unit measures 13x20x26 inch, weighing 42. 6 pounds.
Although the unit is a bit heavy, you can easily move it with the help of casters at the bottom of the machine.
Blueair 603 OverviewThe 603 uses the most advanced manual system HEPA silent filtration technology in the air purifier.
603 HepaSilent air Blueair
Amazon, a purification system, costs $839. 99 $655. 69 Buy Now(
Prices as of November 2, 2016)
Blue and featublueair integrate its well-known HEPA mute technology with advanced filtration systems to ensure that its clean air is absolutely purified.
It also has ions.
Particle charging helps to release negative power that helps filter more efficiently.
It has a very high energy star rating and has been certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.
This is one of the quietest air purifiers on the market, and you can judge whether the system is turned on with a blue light indicator.
With a maximum noise of 66 dB, it is one of the quietest air purifiers.
This unit has a very stylish design and is perfect for different types of decoration.
It has a four speed manual mode, which makes the operation very convenient.
You can make five air changes per hour, and the machine can cover an area of 640 square feet.
It is very strong and durable due to its galvanized steel structure.
The filter change indicator enables you to replace the filter according to the accepted date.
Other specifications 13x20x26 inch with a weight of 43 pounds.
It may be a bit heavy to carry with you, but the 4 casters at the bottom of the machine make it easy to move.
You can also clean it easily because its galvanized steel structure is a good change compared to other air purifiers made of cheap plastic.
What's the difference between Blueair 503 and 603? Both air purifiers have some of the same excellent features.
Advanced filters and ions
Particle charging ensures the air is clean and charges five times an hour.
Both have a high energy star rating and four speed manual modes, which makes it very convenient to operate.
Any machine will let you know when the filter needs to be replaced with the help of the indicator.
Both can be used for 5 air changes per hour.
The Blueair 503 and 603 feature advanced filtration to remove pollen, dust, allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold spores and pet dandruff.
They produce zero ozone at a high degree of environmental friendliness and struggle with speed control options.
However, there are several differences between the two a purifiers.
Although the Clean Air Delivery Rate of 503 is 375, the CADR of 603 is 450.
503 can cover 580 square feet, while 603 can cover 698 square feet.
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