black hat: hackers set sights beyond smart gadgets, targeting sniper rifles, home appliances - home appliances manufacturers in china

by:Yovog     2019-12-25
black hat: hackers set sights beyond smart gadgets, targeting sniper rifles, home appliances  -  home appliances manufacturers in china
Hackers no longer just invade computers;
Connected devices, including cars, home safety systems and even sniper rifles, are now targets for those who want to steal or prank.
Rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT)
It has opened up new opportunities for cyber attacks and new markets for cyber defenders. This will be at the Black Hat computer security conference in Las Vegas and then the infamous Def Con.
Scheduled demos include discussions on how to hack cars over the Internet
Re-positioning itself based on radio connection or precision
Aim for sniper rifle
"The Internet of Things is definitely a huge new area," said Christopher Kruegel.
Founder of network security firm Lastline, professor of computer science at Southern California State University.
Fiat Chrysler issued a safety recall 1.
In July, after hackers proved that they could control the system while the system was running, there were 4 million cars and trucks in the United States.
Prior to the recall, network security expert Charlie Miller and Chris varlask of IOActive Labs remotely commandeered a Chrysler-made Jeep Cherokee to prove the electronic system of the vehicle
As Wired and elsewhere reported, the two work on their home laptops, entering the Jeep's electronic devices through the online entertainment system, changing its speed and braking capabilities, and operate radio and windshield wipers.
After the report was released, Chrysler released a free software patch for vulnerable vehicles, although it said there was no first
Master the relevant knowledge of hacking events.
Miller and valasque will reveal more about the hacking of their Jeep in the black hat.
"The ambiguity of car safety leads to a very opposite narrative: either we are all going to die or our car is completely safe," the researchers wrote in a scheduled briefing.
"In this talk, we will show the reality of car hacking by showing how remote attacks can attack unaltered factory vehicles.
"Raj Samani, Intel's vice president of security, said earlier that one of them had hit a wall using hackers to control car accelerators.
"Cyber threats have been real threats for some time," Mr Samani said . ".
"Stuxnet should be a wake-up call --up.
"Iran suffered several computer attacks in 2010, including the Stuxnet virus, which is widely believed to have been developed by the US government against Tehran's nuclear program.
Most Stuxnet infections were found in Iran, which sparked speculation that they intend to destroy the nuclear facilities there and disrupt efforts to make nuclear bombs.
"The idea of bridging the gap between the online world and the physical world has been around for some time," Mr. Kruger said . "
Long-standing concerns about possible cyber attacks on power grids, water plants and other infrastructure targets.
"Now, these evidence --of-
The concept suggests that this is a real threat.
All of these devices are outside and can be reached and the security is very bad. " Stuxnet-
Type attacks are considered complex, state work
There are plenty of resources and time to sponsor actors.
According to security researchers, in the booming internet of things, the explosion of connected devices has created easy targets for greedy or malicious independent hackers.
Smart watches, door locks, fitness bands, electricity meters, or other devices that incorporate the internet of things also have the risk of villains using sensors to monitor the rich data collected in many aspects of people's lives.
Mr. Samani recently told me to buy a kettle and found out that he could use Wi-Fi connection.
Data from home smart meters can reveal the type of equipment that is being powered internally, and "when you drink tea, toast, he says:" or in most cases, what TV show are you watching. ".
It is possible to protect gadgets in the internet of things, but when manufacturers prefer to keep low prices, the cost of smart gadgets increases.
Cesar Cerrudo, chief technology officer at IOActive, told AFP: "Given the insecurity we often see, it is clear that it is not a priority for most manufacturers . ".
Samani joked that as the only computer security person at a recent sensor conference in Germany, he was the "most unpopular person" there ".
"As far as we know, we haven't seen the plane drop from the sky or the car off the road, but these are the problems we face.
"The real world hackers are coming," he said . ".
For hackers with the right skills to control aircraft, cars or rifles, a lack of profit motive is considered to be the main factor in the lack of trouble so far.
"The people who can do this are not interested right now," Mr. Kruger said . ".
"But when you come across boring kids or people who like to create chaos, you get problems.
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