bangkok cleans up its act - electric air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-04
bangkok cleans up its act  -  electric air purifier
Bangkok -
This is a statistic that will make most of the time
The long-time residents of the city sat up and did it twice.
Air quality comparison in popular tourist destinations, Big Mango-
The capital of Thailand is often called-
Air quality was found to be the best among them.
The city is expected to easily surpass fume factories like Beijing and Delhi.
But surprisingly, Bangkok-
Once known worldwide for thick smog
Better now than San Francisco, Melbourne, Paris and Berlin.
Change does not happen overnight.
On the contrary, this is a consistent and common result.
Coordinated efforts by international organizations such as urban authorities and the World Bank.
The strongest supporters of these programs are a group of Thai technocrats who went to the United States for higher research and came back with regulatory knowledge to support EPA standards (EPA).
The transfer in Bangkok immediately proved this.
During Donald Trump's presidency, the EPA had a positive impact and any potential global impact to lower its standards.
In the campaign, the Republican president
Elect has repeatedly boasted that he will repeal as many environmental regulations as possible.
This week, Trump picked a climate science skeptic as the next director of the Environmental Protection Agency.
When I first moved to Bangkok in 2010, I barely noticed the difference between Bangkok and the city I moved to: New Delhi, a city notorious for sandstorms.
In November, the Indian capital was besieged by smog, which is 16 times as acceptable as the Indian government believes.
Things got so bad that an emergency was announced.
The school is closed because residents and their children are crowded with air purifiers to avoid breathing something equivalent to two packs of cigarettes a day.
By contrast, I don't know who in Bangkok would have thought of buying an air purifier now.
The other developing world has gone back a few steps, sacrificing the environment for economic growth.
For example, the World Health Organization says 4 of the 10 most polluted cities in the world are in India and 2 are in China.
Delhi is ranked 11.
In fact, 12 of the 25 worst cities are in India, while 5 are in China.
Both countries should take Thailand as an example.
One of the biggest causes of air pollution in Bangkok is the diesel bus
Many of them also discharge dangerous levels of lead into the air.
Driven by a strong publicity campaign on the environmental and health costs of these particles, Thailand has managed to lead --
It was free before America.
Buses and cars also quickly turned to natural gas, which Thailand has more than oil.
Another major goal is motorcycle taxis that are everywhere in Bangkok.
Shuttle between closed lanes, motorcycle-
A motorcycle taxi is usually called-
Get in this city-out-of-
For those who actually need to get somewhere on time and can't spend an hour in a traffic jam, this is a prison card.
The authorities asked the motorcycle factory to use the No. 4 cleaner. stroke engines.
These efforts have not stopped.
The Ministry of Transport is taking steps to buy 200 electric buses to replace older buses that are less eco-friendly.
Although most people still stick to the old stereotypes, Bangkok has really cleaned up its behavior and air pollution is often one of the top issues in residents' opinion surveys.
At the age of eight
Air pollution kills 4 million people a year.
Related diseases and residents of most large cities
The city finds itself surrounded by smoke, dust and smoke, which is a big threat to Bangkok.
The heat and humidity here can be suffocating, but at least I don't get poisoned slowly every time I breathe.
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