bad car smell - you may not like what you find - ionic air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-12-15
bad car smell - you may not like what you find  -  ionic air purifier
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It is difficult to remove an unpleasant smell of a car.
Just when you completely added gas to yourself with deodorant, detergent, etc. , you think you have got rid of it, and the next day you can only go back to the car and find that familiar thing, however, with the addition of roses, the disgusting smell comes back, with pine needles or citrus scents on it, depending on the type of detergent you use.
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Find the source of the bad smell of the car, the first thing you have to do is to be a detective or CSI.
You have to take the crime scene apart together.
You need dedication, a Saturday, or a day where you can dissect your car and find the source.
If you don't know where the source is, spray everything and scrub doesn't make sense.
All of this makes everything look clean but you still have this smell and now you are tired.
Your first task is to find the source of the smell of the car.
In the beginning, they can hide all kinds of rotten things.
When you take out the mat, squat on the side of the car and you can usually see the evidence if this is the source.
Under the floor mat, you can see a whole group of stinking things.
Last year I had a lingering scent and it turned out that my son stepped on some "fights" and after getting on the bus it went through the mat as I cleaned them over and over again, but it came back.
My cleaner always smells like a pine needle!
Check under the seat for random rotten food (
Yes, it can happen)
Especially in winter, your whole car smells like a science project.
After removing the mat, you need to give it a good vacuum and then do a sniff check.
In most cases this is where the nasty smell starts, or just under the seat near the mat, things are pushed by your feet.
It works on the mat, especially on the carpet, especially in the winter when you turn on the heater.
If you wash your car well while washing the car, then immediately come down and align the nozzle at the bottom of the car, you can relax the smelly stuff you might pick up from the muddy pavement can smell them in your car, then wash your carpet and make it dry, then maybe it's a good time to enjoy the new mat.
Put a bowl of vinegar overnight.
This will absorb any lingering smell, it has a good way to neutralize the smell.
Don't forget to remove this bowl of vinegar, or you will smell a new smell of vinegar.
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Check the engine compartment, but sometimes the car smells bad, not from the car, but from somewhere else.
That's how I am.
Hope you have had breakfast before reading this article.
I'm still sick and I'm not a talker either.
On a cold night about a week ago, when the neighbor saw me leaving, I was visiting a house and he said, "Your house has a smell of gas leakage ", we just put a new stove in the house we were renovating so I was very worried and ran back but everything seemed OK
I smell the "stinking egg" of natural gas or propane ". .
But I can't find it in the house.
I came back to our house and didn't think about anything, but soon I realized that my car had this strange bad smell.
When I get out of the car, I notice it, or when I walk around the car, I quickly smell it.
I don't have a "Propane" car so I can't figure it out.
It's winter and I think there's something uncomfortable under my car.
It only appears when the car is warm and traveling.
Finally, it was very cold here yesterday. I put on the cream remover. the stinky eggs and gas taste very strong.
So my daughter thought something was dead. .
I just don't have the courage to open my hood.
Had my husband do it this morning and he didn't see anything right away.
When he suddenly noticed it and the smell, our head looked around there.
A big mouse must have climbed on my engine.
He's curled up on the refuel cap and you can imagine other situations. .
He must have just died there and then for the next week he was heating and I was fueling my car with this bad heat. . Gross!
So, today is my car day and I'm going to put 5 bowls of vinegar in overnight! . .
We didn't notice right away because he was exactly the same color as my engine. . Black/gray. .
It feels bad, but it's disgusting at the same time.
I guess he climbed up to warm up and died. .
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Once you get your car clean, you need something to keep the air fresh.
Dead mussoso, the bad smell of the car is over, but it's just telling you that you need to investigate the source of the smell first so you can attack the smell with the right detergent.
Otherwise, you will smell the bad smell of the cleaner, which is sometimes worse!
Vinegar may be one of your best friends when it comes to removing smells.
Once you 've identified the smell and removed what you can do, you'll have "not-so-good air" left and a bowl of open vinegar in the car, which works really well.
But don't limit your investigation of the bad smell of the car to the car, your smell may lurk elsewhere, if your stomach is weak, then, maybe you should invest in a "details of your car" where they will find it for you . . . . . . ){if (typeof jQuery ! = "undefined"){
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