Are the Rugs in Your Home Making You Sick? - indoor air cleaner

by:Yovog     2019-07-22
Are the Rugs in Your Home Making You Sick?  -  indoor air cleaner
The carpet and carpet warmed the room and it felt great at the foot, so what's not love?
All the health problems they may cause.
"Floor covering is the main reservoir for indoor and outdoor allergens, including animal dandruff and dust mites," explains Jonathan Bernstein, MD . " Professor of Medicine, Department of Immunology and Allergy, University of Cincinnati.
"Certain carpet materials release gas volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which can cause headaches and breathing problems for susceptible populations.
But no need to roll up the carpet.
Just follow these health guidelines.
Reducing the size, Dr. "The bigger the carpet, the harder it is to remove allergens"Bernstein. “Low-
The stacked carpet is better because there are fewer allergens in the fiber.
Natural materials such as cotton, Kenma, jute, seaweed and cannabis are often woven into thinner carpets, making them a wise choice.
Go to the Green Lab-to-
Wall cloth carpets are usually made of synthetic fibers, backing, and adhesives that release VOCs.
So when you lay the carpet for the whole room, it is important to look for natural fibers like wool, or to get a synthetic product of green label or Green Label Plus from the carpet and carpet Institute, this ensures that the floor cover is lowVOC emissions.
Buy some airIf and you will eventually find a stream on the floor and there is no need to panic.
Dr. Richard shawnesi, director of indoor air programs at the University of Tulsa, said most carpets can remove VOCs in a few weeks. (
Just make sure the adhesive used to install the wall-to-
There's no carpet. or low-VOC. )
To help, open a window and let some fresh air in.
If you have a new rug, store it in the garage or in the basement until the smell disappears.
Clean and thorough cleaning helps control allergen levels, so vacuum at least once a week with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter. (
Flip the carpet with a vacuum on the back and front. )
Professional cleaning of wallsto-
Walls and area carpets once a year.
Dr. Gene Cole, professor of environmental health science at Brigham Young University, said these cleaners are now non-toxic;
Find a certified cleaner near you at the certified cleaner. org.
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