Allergy aids that are not to be sneezed at... and the ones that aren't all they're cracked up to be - room air purifier

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Allergy aids that are not to be sneezed at... and the ones that aren\'t all they\'re cracked up to be  -  room air purifier
Runny nose, runny eyes, tight chest: Tell-
Signs of allergies affect millions, especially at this time of year.
The British allergy charity estimates that 18 million people nationwide suffer from hay fever.
Pollen Allergy-alone.
Anything from mites to pet hair can cause an allergic reaction.
But what can you do to prevent symptoms?
We asked Mike Papesch, the ear, nose and throat surgeon at London NHS Whipple Cross University Hospital and gaate Hospital to evaluate some of the latest resistance
Then we rated it. RED-
A 19-pound light-nose egg allergy reliever.
99, kinetikwellbeing.
ComHOW it works: It's a battery designed to help ease the symptoms of the nose
An egg-sized electric device on your neck.
The two plastic probes go up and glow red along each nostrils, connected to the thin line of the insertion device.
The wavelength of red light increases blood circulation and prevents cells in the nose from releasing tissue Amine, which is one of the main triggers for allergic symptoms.
The device is automatically turned off after three minutes.
You use it three or four times a day for three minutes each time.
Expert conclusion: I have never heard of this treatment, but some studies seem to suggest that red light treatment is good.
An article published in the yearbook of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology found that it can stabilize cells in the nose responsible for releasing chemicals that cause nasal symptoms.
If you want to prevent pollen heat, it should be used before the start of the season. As it is drug-
Free, can be used to treat rhinitis (
Symptoms of nasal allergy)in pregnancy.
6/10 air purifier cleaning Ca-HEPA for 47 months, millions of pounds. 99, meaco.
ComHOW it works: an air purifier containing various filters that is said to remove allergens in the air.
One filter can remove dust and the other can remove particles such as dust and pollen.
For example, the charcoal filter eliminates the smell from paint and ultrasonic waves
Purple light and chemical processes kill bacteria and bacteria.
Finally, it is said that the ion generator encourages dust particles to stick together and fall into the ground or air purifier.
Experts concluded that air filters are an important part of controlling allergies to allergens in the air, especially House dust worms.
They reduce allergens in the air, but they are not completely eliminated.
People with severe symptoms may find air filters of significant value, especially in the case of bedroom or office use (
People tend to spend most of their time there).
To choose the right one, you need to know what allergies you have and the cubic air volume of the room you want to clean.
This will be calculated from the height, width and depth of the room (in meters.
This equipment can clean 47 cubic meters of rooms 5 times an hour.
People often buy a small one for the room.
Health and pillow, 14. 99 (twin pack), sealy. co.
UkHOW it works: the material used in this pillow is tightly woven (
Prevent mites from passing through)
And sprayed a non
A toxic chemical that destroys the food chain of dust worms that cause allergic reactions.
Mites live on the dead skin of a person, which is broken down by fungi that grow in a typical warm bedroom.
This chemical will kill the fungus.
Expert judgment: house dust mites allergy is related to asthma, eczema and perennial allergic rhinitis.
There are mites in the carpet, soft furniture and clothes, but most of the time we touch them on the bed, the skin on the bed will fall off and provide food for the mites.
A study showed that bedding using plastic and tightly woven pillowcases like this prevented more than 99 allergens from moving through the fabric.
It is not clear how beneficial the chemical spray is.
6/10 barrier spray, 800 mg bottle, 6.
75, BootsHOW it works: a powder spray made of cellulose and mint powder where you light your nostrils and where it will form a gellike layer.
The manufacturer says it's like a barrier that prevents allergens in the air from reacting to cells in the nose and causing sneezing.
Use at least three times a day.
Expert judgment: there is sufficient evidence to support the use of cellulose powder products.
Cellulose is the main component of plant cell wall
Powder meets moisture in the nasal canal to form a protective gel
Like a barrier to trap allergens, allergens are then transported to the back of the nose and swallowed and destroyed in the stomach.
These products are not included
Effect, it's an advantage, not even
Some people are drowsy by calming antigroup agents.
However, the spray did not help with the symptoms of the eyes or chest.
BALMHayMax children, 7/10 beeswax, £ 6. 99, haymax.
Strangely, it works: This balm is applied under the nostrils and around the eyes before pollen and any other allergens enter the body to capture them.
It is made of beeswax and seed oil, and the allergens stick to the beeswax and seed oil.
The expert concluded that sesame oil like this is not a complete solution, but may be useful in conjunction with other ways to treat allergies.
Philips 4/10 mops and VACSPhilips Power Pro Aqua, £ 240. co.
UkHOW it works: also do a wet "mop" clean vacuum cleaner.
The manufacturer claims that the test shows that it can manage allergen levels at home and suck away 90 of pet hair, dust, bacteria and pollen.
Expert judgment: it is a good idea to regularly vacuum with a high filter cleaner.
The fact that this also wipes the floor is an added benefit.
If you are allergic, you should take a vacuum cleaner and mop at least once a week.
However, a high
Temperature steam cleaner kills mites more effectively.
I can't say if this is better than other vacuum cleaners on the market. 7/10DUST-
Fresh and healthy free duvattlebell Manor.
Double duvet 5 Tog, 24.
99 Argos and slumberdown. co.
UkHOW it works: synthetic filling is coated with "resistance"Complete.
The chemicals in this finished product kill the fungus that usually breaks down the dead skin of the bed in the dust worm feast.
This deprived the food of the mites, which the manufacturer claimed resulted in the mitesfree duvet.
Expert judgment: This duvet has been approved by the British Allergy Association, which means it has been tested in a laboratory.
Even if this approval is not available for your bedding, you can place allergens at any time
Pillow, duvet and dust cover on the mattress.
Regular cleaning of bedding at 60c can also kill mites.
However, this duvet seems to be worth the money.
Month/10EYE protection power Army. 5 ml bottles, 14.
99, BootsHOW how it works: these eye drops do not contain preservatives (
But remain sterile for six months after opening)
Contact lenses can also be used by wearers.
This solution contains sodium glass and ecotin, which form a protective barrier on the surface of the eye to prevent the eye from being stimulated by allergens.
It can be used frequently as needed, but the manufacturer suggests that if you need more than five times a day, you should go to an eye specialist as this may indicate a problem.
The expert concluded: this may stop your eyes from flowing, but you need another product for symptoms associated with your nose or chest.
In the Heat season of pollen, just wear surround sunglasses to keep some pollen from reaching your eyes.
4/10 Super FANDyson Pure Cool Link purification fan, 34349.
99, John LewisHOW it works: keep you cool by circulating air, and the circulating air is also cleaned.
The air in the room is sucked into the fine mesh filter at its bottom, which can capture the smallest particles. (
Its manufacturer says it can remove 99.
The proportion of allergens is 95. )
The air then shoots back to the room at a high speed.
The expert concluded: this, like the air filter, can keep the room cool.
Since it can also move the surrounding air, it can reduce any moisture that can cause mold and mites.
Like all air filters, it only works if the room is not too big.
Devices like this are only part of the control of allergens, as they exist not only in the air, but also in carpets and bedding.
But this is a useful addition. 5/10
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