air purifier using a plant (tfcd) - indoor air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-06
air purifier using a plant (tfcd)  -  indoor air purifier
This explanation is about the use of nature to purify the air.
It is based on the Andrea air purifier.
Because a lot of people think this product is not working, it is quite controversial.
But the technology to use the factory as an air filter is really cool.
So we decided to do a less fancy test technology ourselves.
We want to recycle the remaining materials as much as possible, so most of the parts are collected from our workshop.
We only buy factories and screens.
So the shopping list is: start by sawing all the wood and perspex boards.
We used a sharp drawing compass and chisel to create holes for the ventilator.
But a big hole drill will be much faster. )
Hope it works and the air will be pure.
Otherwise, this is a pretty good combination of Potter/ventilator.
Once we get the test equipment, we see if the product really makes the air better.
We will keep you awake. to-date!
Good luck and have a good time!
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