air pollution claims 7 million lives each year: un expert - indoor air cleaner

by:Yovog     2019-07-23
air pollution claims 7 million lives each year: un expert  -  indoor air cleaner
Geneva: Air pollution inside and outside the home is a silent, prolific killer with 7 million premature deaths each year, including 600,000 children, according to the United Nations environmental and human rights expert.
The United Nations special rapporteur on environment and human rights, David Boyd, said more than 6 billion people
The third of them, often inhaling heavily polluted air, gives them life, health and health --being at risk.
"However, the epidemic has not received enough attention because these deaths are not as notable as those caused by other disasters or epidemics," Boyd said . ".
Boyd said: "There are 800 deaths per hour, and many people, after years of cancer, respiratory illness or heart disease caused directly by air pollution, are also associate professors at the University of British Columbia in Canada.
Boyd said that failure to ensure air cleanliness violates their fundamental right to a healthy environment, a right recognized by 155 countries according to law and should be recognized globally.
"People cannot avoid inhaling any pollutants in the air at home or in the community," the expert said in a UN statement . ".
"Air pollutants are everywhere, mainly due to burning fossil fuels for power generation, transportation and heating, as well as industrial activities, poor waste management and agricultural practices," Boyd said . ".
In many less affluent countries, women and children have been in their homes for a long time, but they have been left out of proportion due to indoor air pollution caused by cooking, heating or lighting with solid fuel and kerosene
Boyd pointed out the seven key steps that countries must take to ensure clean air and the realization of the right to a healthy environment.
Including the monitoring of air quality and impact on human health, the assessment of air pollution sources;
Public Information, including public health consultation.
"There are many examples of good practices, such as India and Indonesia's programme to help turn millions of poor families to clean cooking technology, and countries that have successfully eliminated coal use --
"We have a power plant," Boyd said . "
"Many actions to ensure cleaner air can simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, resulting in a double dividend," he said . ".
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