air from the freezer - air cleaner

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air from the freezer  -  air cleaner
By C.
Klein Leyan26, 2009Q.
I told my kids to go out and enjoy the cold winter because the cold air is cleaner than the warm air. Is it? A.
Sometimes not even, meteorologists say.
Even if the air is clean, cold air poses a health risk.
"Temperature has a certain effect on the cleanliness of the air," said Todd Meena, a meteorologist at Penn State University.
A temperature-
The relevant cases involved the chemical reaction that produced ozone.
The combination of high temperature and sunlight provides conditions to promote ozone, which has good
It is known to have a stimulating effect on the respiratory tract.
Overall, winter weather systems promote the mixing of the atmosphere, dilute contaminants, and sometimes they import cleaner air from CanadaMiner said.
However, in the inversion of temperature, mixing can be suppressed, which is more common in winter in most places.
In the reverse temperature, the temperature increases with the increase of the height, rather than the more typical drop.
Anti-transfer caused pollutants to accumulate near the ground.
Advertising on the health risks of cold air, Dr.
Stefan Worgall, director of lung, allergy and immunology, pediatric department of New York-
Presbyterian Hospital/Will Cornell Medical Center says some people, especially those with asthma and nasal allergies, can react to cold airair-
Induced rhinitis characterized by runny nose and nasal congestion.
Some people may even have asthma attacks, he said. Cold-air-
About 5% of healthy people suffer from rhinitis.
Worgall said, but had an impact on 50% of patients with allergic rhinitis. AdvertisementC.
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