A-list nursery! Khloe Kardashian's baby registry includes a $495 air purifier... as due date is only TWO WEEKS away - room air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-30
A-list nursery! Khloe Kardashian\'s baby registry includes a $495 air purifier... as due date is only TWO WEEKS away  -  room air purifier
Khloe Kardashian will definitely lead a stylish life after welcoming her baby girl in about two weeks.
According to people familiar with the matter, 33-year-
Old star has a top-
Amazon's notch baby registry includes some very expensive items.
One is a Dyson air purifier for $495, because the air purifier for $80 is not working.
Basketball star Tristan Thompson's girlfriend also asked for a hungry whale bath toy ($10)
, A deck chair at DockATot ($175)
Meidle free breast pump ($304)
My breast milk friend feeds the head of the pillow ($39)
Wet wipes for sensitive skin of infants ($31)
According to the website.
Reality show siren told Amazon that I knew I would wipe wipes on my kid's ass like crazy.
"So I want to make sure I have the best choice for her sensitive skin!
On her website, she says, she will be very careful to keep the bacteria away from the little girl she doesn't have a name yet.
"Everyone knows I like my house, clean and tidy! ” she says.
"I expect these products to help.
It is more important now than ever to keep the air in my home free of allergens and contaminants.
She also said: "I am very much looking forward to having my daughter take a hot bath and have a good sleep.
She shared a new photo of the bump.
She's been pregnant for more than eight months.
She used the title attached to the picture to promote her American brand.
On Saturday, she became the focus of attention at a lavish Pink Party --
Luxury Hotel Bel-theme baby shower
Air in Los Angeles.
On Monday morning Khloe gushed about the party she subscribed --only website.
"My baby shower is incredible, amazing, everything I can dream of, etc! ! !
She wrote on khloewithak. com.
"We feel so much love from everyone, this is the day I know Tristan and I will never forget.
"I'm still dreaming," she wrote . "
She also made a shout to her glam team and Amazon, who sponsored the event, which drew criticism from some of her fans.
Some fans have expressed their concerns about Amazon's tax issue on Twitter.
It was criticized for using tax avoidance strategies
When others complain that shopping sites can better spend money on bathing poor mothers.
User Kali wrote: "I don't think I understand the idea of Amazon giving baby shower to Khloe Kardashian.
A family that can buy anything for that child will get a free shower?
When a mom can't even afford the formula you can give? IDK.
Maria Sidley wrote on Twitter: "Hey, Amazon has given free baby shower to Khloe Kardashian in addition to not paying federal taxes!
Wow, how about paying taxes?
Amazon sources explained that the internet giant has plans for the future with Khloe and Kourtney.
Khloe is registered exclusively by Amazon, the source said.
After the baby takes a shower, she goes out with her boyfriend to celebrate his birthday at a private party hosted by Remy Martin.
Khloe wore a pink dress to show her lump in the baby shower, and she changed to black when Tristan was out for the night.
Due to the busy travel schedule of the basketball player, his family celebrated his birthday on March 13 a few days in advance.
He played a game against the Los Angeles Lakers in town over the weekend.
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