a clean environment for human empowerment - indoor air cleaner

by:Yovog     2019-07-22
a clean environment for human empowerment  -  indoor air cleaner
Yesterday, the United Nations awarded me the title of "Earth Champion.
Although I feel very humble when I get this reputation, I do feel that this award is not for individuals.
Instead, it is a recognition of Indian culture and values that have always emphasized harmony with nature.
Every Indian is proud to see that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Eric Solheim recognize and appreciate India's positive role in climate change mitigation, the executive director of UNEP.
There is a very special relationship between man and nature.
Mother Nature has nurtured and nurtured us.
The first civilization was established on the bank of the river.
Social Prosperity in harmony with nature.
Today, human society is at an important crossroads.
The path we take here will not only determine our well-being, but will also determine the well-being of generations that we will later live on our planet.
The imbalance between our greed and the necessities has led to a serious ecological imbalance.
We can accept this and continue to do things as usual or we can take corrective action.
As a society, there are three things that will determine how we bring about positive changes.
The first is inner consciousness.
So there is no better place than our glorious past.
Respect for nature is at the heart of Indian tradition.
Atharvaveda contains Prithvi Sukta, which contains unparalleled knowledge of nature and the environment.
It is beautifully written in tribute to Mother Earth.
Her heart was intertwined with the sea and the river.
There is food in her body, and it appears when she plows;
It is indeed alive in her.
May she give us life.
An ancient book about Pan Qi TavasPrithvi (Earth), Vayu (Air), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Akash (Sky)—
How our living system is based on the harmonious operation of these elements.
The elements of nature are the manifestation of divinity.
Gandhi has written a lot about the environment, and even in the way of life, compassion for the environment is essential.
He put forward the principle of custody, which makes it the responsibility of our generation to ensure that our future generations inherit a clean planet.
He called for sustainable consumption so that the world would not face a shortage of resources.
A leading lifestyle of harmony and sustainability is part of our spirit.
Once we realize that we are a bearer of a rich tradition, it will automatically have a positive impact on our actions.
The second aspect is public awareness.
We need to have as much conversation, writing, debate, discussion and consideration as possible on environmental-related issues.
At the same time, it is critical to encourage research and innovation on environmental-related topics.
At this time, more people will know the urgent challenges facing our time and the ways to mitigate them.
When we as a society are aware of our close connection with environmental protection and talk about it on a regular basis, we will automatically and proactively work towards a sustainable environment.
That is why, I will make positive a third aspect of bringing about positive change.
In this regard, I am pleased to say that more than 130 people in India are proactive and at the forefront of efforts to create a cleaner and greener environment.
We see this proactive in the Swachh Bharat Mission, which is directly related to a sustainable future.
With the blessing of the Indian people, more than 85 million families now have access to the toilet for the first time.
More than 0. 4 billion Indians no longer need to defecate in the open air.
Health coverage increased from 39% to 95%.
These are landmark efforts to reduce pressure on the natural environment.
We see this positive side in the success of ujwala Yojana, which significantly reduces indoor air pollution that causes respiratory diseases due to unhealthy cooking practices.
To date, more than five crore ujwala connections have been distributed, thus ensuring a better and cleaner life for women and their families.
India is moving fast in cleaning up the river.
Ganga, the lifeline of India, has been contaminated in several places.
The mission of Namami gang has changed this historical mistake.
Proper treatment of sewage is being emphasized.
At the heart of urban development initiatives such as AMRUT and smart city missions is the need to balance urban growth with environmental protection.
More than 13 crore soil health cards distributed to farmers are helping them make informed decisions that will increase their productivity and improve the health of our land, which will help future generations.
We have integrated skills India's goals in the environment sector and launched plans including the green skills development program by 2021 for about 7 million environmental, Forestry, Wildlife and climate change
This will create a great deal of opportunities for technical work and entrepreneurs in the environmental sector.
China's attention to new and renewable energy is unprecedented.
Over the past four years, the industry has become more accessible and affordable.
Ujala Yojana has released nearly 31 crore led bulbs.
The cost of LED bulbs is reduced, and electricity and carbon emissions are also reduced.
India's progress is obvious to all in the world.
I am proud that India is still at the forefront of the police
Negotiations were held in Paris on 2015.
On March 2018, world leaders from several countries gathered in New Delhi to mark the start of the International Solar Energy Alliance, working to harness the rich potential of solar energy and bring together all the countries with solar energy.
While the world is talking about climate change, India is calling for climate justice.
Climate justice is designed to safeguard the rights and interests of the poor and marginalized groups, who are often the biggest victims of the threat of climate change.
As I wrote earlier, our actions today will have a far greater impact on human civilization than in our time.
We have a global responsibility for a sustainable future.
The world needs to shift to an environmental philosophy paradigm based on environmental awareness, not just government regulations.
I would like to commend all individuals and organizations who have worked hard in this regard.
They have become pioneers of great changes in our society.
I assure them that the government will give them all possible support in their pursuit.
Together, we will create a clean environment, which will be the cornerstone of human power.
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