9 ways to detox your home - air cleaner

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9 ways to detox your home  -  air cleaner
Introduction: we carefully observe what is in our mouth and body.
Organic, oil. free that.
But it's not easy to keep a healthy home and know what to do.
In fact, according to a 400 study in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, the average house may contain as many as 2009 chemicals, some of which are toxic and many are not tested. Short-
A small amount of exposure to a toxin will not kill you.
But there are so many suspicious chemicals around us, "You definitely want to take as simple as possible to reduce exposure," said Dr. Phil Brown, director of Environmental Health Institute of Social Sciences, Northeastern University, Boston.
It's better to buy organic food and reduce exposure to chemicals --even a little—
Obvious benefits can be achieved.
Depending on your sensitivity, you may experience less allergy and asthma symptoms, headaches, and skin irritation. Long-
You can even reduce the risk of infertility and cancer, Brown said.
We know what you're thinking: Where the hell did I start?
How much work does this need to do?
While some people will let you tear off the carpet and throw away the furniture, we talk to environmental health experts and find outeffort, high-
Influence ways to minimize toxic loads and promote health, and then rank them from super easy to more ambitious.
Try a few of these, or more, to really clear the air.
Quick list: 1 Category: 9 detox methods your home Title: start your kick: text: Leave your shoes at the door according to ISSA/Interclean to prevent 80% they follow
This may include annoying things like road closures, pesticides, and lead dust.
7 Tools each natural kitchen needs a quick list: 2 categories: 9 detox methods so open the window whenever the weather is good
Your budget for air conditioning or heatingpermit.
How to buy a suitable air purifier quicklist: Month Category: Hometitle of how to detoxify the month: bucket machine sheetsurl: text: chemical substances such as ammonium salt compounds for the most coat clothes
This is related to the development of asthma.
There is also acetone found in the northing.
Also, your towel will be easier to absorb without a chemical cover.
Natural Life list for less money: 4 categories: 9 detox methods to store bags and dry clothes in the garage or Hall for a day or two to remove some solvents stuck to the fiber, known as vinyl chloride.
Inhalation, according to the Environmental Working Group, can cause breathing and eye irritation, headaches, dizziness, and vision problems (EWG)
A research and advocacy organization.
You can also go to the "green" cleaner.
Just make sure they use liquid carbon dioxide or wet-
Cleaning methods because of other Ecology
Sonya Lunder, a senior analyst at EWG, warned that alternatives could be equally toxic.
6 surprising headaches can lead to a quick list: 5 categories: 9 detox methods polyester or EVA or PEVA plastic. (
Not sure if it's vinyl?
Look for the number 3 printed on the curtain or the recycled seal or letter PVC on its packaging. )
In a 2008 study, 108 volatile organic compounds were released from vinyl curtains (VOCs)
Chemicals that turn into gas at room temperature can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness and inflammation of the eyes and throat.
This substance is also available in most paints, so look for jars marked with low VOC or zero VOC.
Quicklist: monthly Category: Hometitle of how to detoxify the month: lose pesticidesurl: Body: contact some ratio
Lations can cause nerve, skin and eye damage, headache and nausea. (
After all, they are used to kill mice and bugs. )
So, when you have a problem with a pest, ask yourself if it's a nuisance or a health problem.
If you have ants, make a hole in the wall and keep the counter clean.
For drugs that cause disease
Such as rodents or fleas
"Call a professional who knows how to fumigate and ventilate properly," Douglas a said . ".
Dr. Swift is a clinical associate professor in the Department of Medicine and Environmental Health at Durham University.
If you have to DIY, try to buy some pesticide brands that are less toxic, such as EcoSmart, and pay attention to the label warning.
They range from "caution" to "warning" to "danger" in the order of toxicity.
Title: Get to know your Plasticine: text: some plastic containers can filter out a chemical called double phenolA (BPA)
It's known to destroy our hormones.
Food and Drug Administration, 2012 (FDA)
It is forbidden to add BPA from baby bottles and suction cups.
Then, in 2013, a study in the journal Endocrine disruptors found that this may be related to obesity, cardiovascular disease and other diseases in adults.
Therefore, avoid plastics marked with 7, which may contain BPA and never place BPA-
Contains plastic in a microwave or dishwasher;
BPAs is easier to ooze when heated.
Buy fresh or frozen food and look for glass or cardboard packaging as much as possible (
The lining of the can may also contain BPA).
This is especially important when it comes to acidic and oily foods, which can allow more BPA to be discharged.
The good news is that BPA will be discharged from the body very soon, so it is not long to reduce exposure time.
Quicklist: monthly Category: Hometitle of how to detoxify the month: do cleanerurl by yourself: text: one
Purpose, make the counter sparkling non-toxic cleaner, try the DIY recipe by Lisa ales, author of Green It!
: Mix a teaspoon of washed soda (
Found at the grocery store)
1 teaspoon of natural liquid dish soap and hot water in 2 cups of spray bottle.
Quick List: 9 categories: 9 detox methods
This increases your chemical load)or feathers (
It just kicked more dust)
Using a dry, tasteless, ultra-slim cloth, it attracts dirty particles instead of dispersing them.
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