7 healthy dorm must-haves - small air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-09-08
7 healthy dorm must-haves  -  small air purifier
Be well-armed.
Going to college for the first time was an exciting stressful time. -
At some point your body may be hit.
While it's challenging to stay healthy as you might have never done before, something important ---from a first-
First aid kit for your favorite stuffed animal-
Will help you stay healthy and focused.
Cocoa, spiced tea, favorite magazine, cute plush toy-
For students who leave home for the first time, these are all things that suddenly feel bad.
You can go to the health care center, but what you miss is the person who takes care of you, "said Vicki Nelson, executive editor of The Parent Handbook for American universities, an organization of current and future college parents.
Nelson said it surprised students with the kit.
"Only send a small box to open in this case. "First-aid kit"[Pack]
"These things we came into contact with in the medicine cabinet," Nelson said . ".
Carolyn Allen, a family nurse at the University of America student health center in the Columbia area, removed from her list: Band-
Digital thermometer, a bottle of alcohol, antibiotic ointment, benajo, Pepto-Bismol.
"A lot of the time they get sick, vomiting, diarrhea.
I will ask them, 'What did you try? '" Allen says.
The answer is usually "nothing ".
"They are used to mom and dad taking care of them", so learning how to take care of them on their own is another beginning.
The disinfection dormitory is an annoying place.
Alan recommended "a good can of Lysol" as well as antibacterial soap, gel and wipes.
"I will do a good cleaning once a week, but it would be better if they did it when they went.
"Wet wipes are easy to use on their tables, remote controls, door handles and sink taps.
"I don't think you need to be paranoid all the time," Nelson added . ".
"But when people around you start to fall, it may be time to do so.
"Any medication that students take at home needs to follow them to college," said Allen.
This may include allergy drugs, birth control, and anti-depression drugs.
Students are also required to have a record of family medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, and less common conditions.
"If there is something in the house like Cystic hyperplasia, we may not be very clear, but if the cousin does, or the mother does, Allen says," they need to share it . ".
This is due to the fact that in the rare cases where students have symptoms, health providers will know what problems may be.
Medical information Allen says about half of American college students are still covered by parental insurance.
The other half got what the AU provided.
Anyway, they need to know what kind of care they can get ---and where.
Due to the different requirements of the states, students also need to bring immunization records.
Finally, they should bring home the contact details of all doctors-
Even those who are often overlooked, such as their eye doctors, may need to change their glasses, Allen said.
Steven Hong, president of Sylvane, a company specializing in air quality products, recommended a small air purifier with an efficient air filter-
"This is a standard to make sure you capture the smallest particles," Hong said . ".
This is especially important because the dormitory is usually an old building with mold spores hidden.
However, even newer buildings pose a threat as many buildings are designed as energy buildings
Hongs said that it is efficient and only closes in pollutants such as dust particles.
Another benefit of the air purifiers is that they act as white noise machines that can help your roommate or someone who is late to make a snoringnight party.
Although the food in the dormitory has improved since the pure starch era, students will never get too much fruit and vegetables-
Pure, juiced or mixed
If your student is already a healthy nut, something like blender bullet, either a blender or a juicer, it's a good investment.
"They can make their own protein shakes instead of giving all the money [froyo]," Allen says.
The university also marks a shift to a healthier lifestyle, Nelson added.
"Most of the time, the way they live is determined by the family.
Now they have the opportunity to create a lifestyle that feels good.
Christine Crane is a patient in the United States. S. News.
You can follow her on Twitter, contact her on LinkedIn, or email her at kcrane @ usnews. com.
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