5 simple ways to create a healthier household as a working mom - electric air purifier

by:Yovog     2019-07-02
5 simple ways to create a healthier household as a working mom  -  electric air purifier
Working from home means I spend a lot of time in this House and I think it's great that I love my home so much.
This is not a large two-story residence of my dream, on the contrary, my current residence is very small, just like my dream home, but I like the house very much.
In order for you to really understand why, I need to delve into another long story and share another day better.
My beautiful ranchers sit on the border line separating the two cities
There is a certain complexity in school enrollment)
It's not just a home for me, it's a sanctuary for my family, the living room is the place where my kids take their first steps, the master bedroom is the space that my best friends and I can leave, and my children's imagination changes every room in one way or another, which is my working space.
Working from home means I spend a lot of time here, so, when I have the chance to leave, I may jump too hard on this opportunity.
Creating a healthier home is a priority for me, not an option.
Pinterest is perfect when I am looking for new ways to keep my home clean.
With four children, the process is evolving.
I am fortunate enough to have healthy children and I am willing to do my part to keep this in shape.
These tips are a great and easy way for a busy mom to make her home a little healthier and, in turn, safer for her family.
They are easy to implement and maintain in order to get you back to what is most important to you! No-
I love my wood floors and unfortunately they are upstairs and not downstairs.
BHG, recommended bamboo flooring, not only is it durable and hard than oak and maple trees, but it is a fast growing grass that helps reduce our dependence on wood!
Oh, did I mention it was very affordable? ! ?
Hello, mom!
Eco-friendly, durable, easy to maintain, affordable, where have I been?
Indoor air quality when it comes to air quality, it can involve a lot of expensive changes, but there are some simple things that can improve the indoor air quality of your home without making luxury purchases.
Regular cleaning, I know it's easier said than done, but it's very helpful to improve the air quality in your home.
I am very struggling with this because everything I do seems to be clean and it makes sense to have 4 kids but combine it with business and I just want to make time for myself, I found myself thinking, where is the time?
But if you have carpets, regular cleaning with products that do not contain harsh ingredients will make your home cleaner and safer, using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.
Consider an air purifier that you can start with a more affordable, smaller unit and then expand at the back.
There are many benefits to using air purifiers, from eliminating mold and allergens, improving breathing, odors, bacteria and smoke removal in children and the elderly, the list continues, they are a great way to prevent respiratory diseases and keep your family healthy.
There are good brands to consider: Rocky Mountain Home Air purifier-
297 Whirlpool AP51030K whiskey-349.
Real Air-99 Hamilton Beach59.
99 check how simple is it for your filter to check and replace our filter?
Do we often use electrostatic filters and use charge to capture more air particles than normal filters.
Depending on your filter or air quality at home, you may have to change your air quality more frequently than others.
While some people change filters at the end of each season, others may change them once a month.
For more tips on improving indoor air quality, check out this awesome list from my family thoughts.
Is your drinking water safe?
I am happy to find that just call my local municipality and I can investigate the water quality of my home.
Of course, if your water has harmful contaminants, install a good water
Filter system to change the water quality in your home.
Open your window, we spent so much time at home, we may not realize how old the air is.
Opening the window can be naturally ventilated during the day, especially during cleaning.
Opening the window is a simple and affordable way to ventilate the home during the day and improve the air quality.
My favorite trick to control dust comes from BHG!
What are some of your ways to keep your home clean?
Share your suggestions with us below!
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