10 Ways to Make Your Home Safer - air purifier for smoke

by:Yovog     2019-12-29
10 Ways to Make Your Home Safer  -  air purifier for smoke
Do you remember the last time you replaced the battery in the fire detector or added a bandage in the first aid kit?
These safety precautions should never be placed in a secondary position, so we 've collected a list of 10 things you can do to make sure your family has a safe home.
If you have not installed carbon monoxide detectors in your home, please install them immediately.
Carbon monoxide gas is odor-free and colorless and cannot be detected without a carbon monoxide detector.
Make sure you have these devices installed near your sleeping area so they can wake you up easily in an emergency.
You should also have at least one detector on each floor of your home.
Don't put them near the fuel.
In particularly humid rooms, such as in the bathroom, or electrical appliances that are burning.
You may be removing dirt and dirt, but your cleaning product may introduce a lot of chemicals into the air. Many brand-
The name household cleaner contains toxins that will hurt you over time, such as ammonia, which is related to kidney damage;
Carcinogens can lead to cancer;
And bleach, it burns your skin or eyes if you come into contact with it. All-natural, eco-
Friendly cleaners are the best, especially if you have children or pets at home.
Make sure your fire detector works properlybrainer.
Make sure your fire detector is working properly and there is one on every floor of your home.
To ensure that you protect yourself from fire hazards, pick a day to replace the battery each year before the battery runs out.
Fire extinguishers neglected in the home can help control the spread of the fire.
Buy at least two for teaching and testing purposes.
Then, put those things that you haven't used at home in easy places --to-access areas.
Please note that fire extinguishers are only available for fires in the early stages.
If there is a lot of smoke or the fire is spreading quickly, please leave your house and call 911.
Install a water filter, while tap water in many towns can be drunk, adding a filter on the tap will never hurt you. A point-of-
Use a water filter (
One connected to your tap)
Eliminate Lead, chlorine and other bacterial contaminants that are harmful to the body.
In addition, it is a much cheaper alternative than bottled water.
Make sure your lock is high
Quality issues consider installing a latch on your door.
A lot is designed to give you control over who can copy the key.
Make sure to install a lock with a bar, as long as your door allows;
The longer the bar on the latch, the safer your home will be.
If your family is allergic, installing an air filtration system, investing in an air purifier can have a huge impact as it can help to remove dust, pollen and other contaminants from the home.
Look for an EPA-certified HEPA air purifier.
The HEPA purifier, combined with the ion generator, will remove 99.
97% of pollutants in the air, nearly 20% higher than other competing filters.
Get rid of TeflonWhile non
Many studies have shown that sticking pots can be easier to clean and they are not clean for your home.
When heated to a certain temperature, the chemicals in the Teflon coating break down and discharge toxins into the air.
These toxins are linked to the death of thousands of pet birds and the unknown number of human diseases.
While there are conflicting reports about the severity of the Teflon danger, we say safety is better than sorry --
Especially if you have a parrot.
Make sure you have a flashlight (
With rechargeable battery)
It is accessible on every floor of your home.
You never know when your power will run out!
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